What Are The Most Popular Diamond Ring Shapes

Diamond Ring Shapes

A diamond is the most prominent gemstone everyone wants for their engagement ring. But it is a pretty challenging task to select a shape for it. The only way to make this task convenient is by picking a particular from the popular ones. That is why we are here to provide a list of top diamond shapes you can consider for your engagement ring. So, keep reading this article till the end.

Searching for an engagement ring that suits your preferences and needs well takes a lot of time. The primary reason behind it is that there are many options. One can easily get confused by looking at them. So, you should always decide after you have gained enough knowledge about every shape. 

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Different shapes provide a different look to a ring. The most significant thing to ask yourself is what type of ring you want. After getting the answer, you will know what you have to find a perfect shape. 

Apart from shapes, you also have to check what type of diamond you want. For example, some people like to have a raw diamond on their engagement, while others prefer a different diamond. It is a big decision for you because you need it for your special day. So, choose wisely. 

Princess Diana’s niece Kitty Spencer lost weight after ‘terrifying’ event – ‘I did it’

As for shapes, you can select a suitable one according to your budget, needs, and preferences. Let’s find out popular diamond shapes of all time.

Most famous diamond shape types

  • Round: The most common diamond ring shape is round. This shape has been famous since the 1800s. You can compare this shape with others and find why people still prefer it. 

One thing that every beginner should know about the round-shaped diamond rings is that they are pretty expensive.  So, you must think about your budget before deciding on anything. Otherwise, you might regret your decision later on. 

Salt and pepper diamond rings are increasing in demand as they look classic. You can also find a round diamond shape in this type of ring. 

  • Cushion: The following popular diamond shape is the cushion. This type of ring looks beautiful and elegant. It is the best choice if you want something different for your engagement ring.

Many celebrities purchase this type of cut as it is considered one of the best shapes. It depends on your preference whether you want a big size cushion shape in your ring or a small one. 

  • Oval: The oval shape is also popular due to many reasons. The best part about an oval-shaped ring is that it looks big even if there is a one-carat diamond. You will find many options regarding the size. So, you can consider an oval cut if you want the same. 
  • Emerald cut: Another famous shape that many people prefer is emerald cut. Emerald diamond rings look stunning on everyone’s hands. It also allows people to adjust the size and make the diamond appear bigger. Read more about Michael Marín Rivera

The Bottom Line

As there are many diamond shapes, you must choose one according to your wishes. The look of your diamond ring will depend a lot on the type of shape you will select. So, research well and choose carefully.

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