Get Rid of Outdated Project Management Apps- Find Out What Features Freelancers Really Need

Project Management Apps

As a freelancer, you’ve eaten, breathed, and slept the phrase “time is money”. Moreover, you realize that your client’s expectations have to be met if you want to keep their business. Therefore, the software you use for your project work has to keep pace with your work flow requirements.

That’s why the use of project management apps are popular freelance tools today. You can go to one platform to get everything done. By taking this approach, you can enhance your workflow and not disrupt it. Apps with features such as list views, calendar views, etc. help you work with maximum efficiency.

Let’s take a look at some features on-trend project management apps should have.

Ability to Systemize Your Tasks

When you work on a project, you must break it down into various tasks – tasks that can seem daunting if they are not outlined and organized. You can keep control over the clutter and chaos by managing everything on one platform – from notes to attachments to time monitoring and completion dates. When you have this type of advantage, you can focus on meeting your client’s expectations, and do so with greater ease.

In turn, you can offer daily delivery of specific tasks as well as updates. In fact, with the right software program, you won’t miss scheduled deadlines. You can easily see deliverables and separate big to-do tasks into subtasks so you can always stay a step ahead of what needs to be done. Plus, new project management apps make it easier to collaborate. Both the client and freelancer can share in the work and make adjustments along the way.

Allows You to View Steps of Tasks

Use project apps that enable you to add tasks, set schedules for tasks, and record tasks as they are completed. If you have not completed tasks for one day, they should automatically roll over to the next day’s activities.

You and your client should see what has been done, what needs to be done, and what will be finished in the near future. Also, you should be able to track your time on all your tasks and  transfer the hours for billing. This is crucial if you want to get paid more quickly or want to ensure payment for each session worked.

Lets You Craft Proposals for New Projects

To win projects, your go-to updated project apps should also be designed for crafting proposals. Doing so will help streamline the freelance process. You can cut proposal time by using reusable content that allows you to add new customer information instantly.

By having this added advantage, you can increase the approval rates for proposal software. The inclusion of an electronic signature allows possible clients to accept your proposals more easily as well.

Making a Decision

There’s a lot to think about when choosing a freelance-based project management software today. Make sure it has all the features that will make it easier to keep track of your work, collaborate with clients, and get paid on a timely basis. When you have this type of control, your freelance assignments will be more pleasurable and getting new business will be a breeze.

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