Common Custom Shirt Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

Custom Shirt

Starting a custom shirt business like any other business has its hurdles. Making a custom shirt is the bread and butter of the industry. But, there are some common, costly mistakes that new businesses encounter. Here are some of the common mistakes and how to avoid them:

The Shirt

Before we tackle printing, we need to deal with the shirt itself. It will be a waste to have a low standard shirt even if you have a beautiful design for the shirt. Here are two things you need to keep in mind.


One of the rookie mistakes is not having the right size shirt. Be sure to read the size guide on the label not to depend on the general sizing. Having a good-fitting shirt is vital in making a custom shirt.

Be sure that the suppliers give specifics in sizes for kids and adults and both genders. Having shirts that fit your customer will make them feel you know what they want.

Low-Quality Fabric

Having a good quality fabric is essential in custom t-shirt design. This is not only about the stitching but also the texture also. Some materials are irritating to the skin or too thin for printing. Having the right supplier and a good quality shirt can spell success to your shirts.

Having a high-quality t-shirt that combines comfort and durability is an excellent base. The market for supplying quality shirts is competitive. So having several suppliers is not a problem. Coupling quality and quantity of great design, you will have a high demand for your products.

The Design

Now you have a supplier of high-quality shirts, the next thing to consider is the design. Several mistakes are avoidable. You can do it right by spending a little time creating or with the customers’ feedback. Here are some errors and how to avoid them.

●      Sizing

Not the shirt but the design; some can look larger depending on the shape, like square and circular layout. Some check the proportion by holding the design towards a shirt to fit it. There are also computer apps to make you visualize the final result.

Remember to make sure the proportion is right with the shirt and design. Hitting the right proportion will make or break a custom shirt.

●      Contrast

In general, balancing the contrast of the image and the shirt in the most basic way. High contrast is not always the go-to, but subtle contrast also is recommended in some. When balancing the contrast, either make the image or the text readable. The design should be comfortable to look at and cozy for the eyes.

●      Placement

Placement of the design on the shirt is also important. Some designs are large enough to place them at the center of the shirt. But some designs are a bit small. You need to be creative in the placement. Usually, you can put on medium-size designs on the chest part. Be creative and have it offset to the left or right for small logos.

Your design is an advertisement for your skill, so its placement is important. A placed print is appealing and essential for more people to see your work.

●      Typography & Fonts

When making a statement shirt, one key is to play with space and fonts when designing it. Be creative in using different font styles and sizes appealing to people. Always check your spelling, and the grammar can be secondary.

●      Image Quality

You can’t sell a shirt design that is blurred or unrecognizable. Due to some images in low resolution, it will also translate on print. Always check the quality of the image. If it is a soft copy, make sure it’s compatible with the program you use for printing. It is nice to see a detailed design as your shirt is a walking canvas.

●      Complexity

Keep your design interesting but simple by not making it too busy. Complex images need a large space for them to be appreciated. The limitation with the size of the shirt gives you the parameters on what to put. For shirt design, start with a simple design, giving you more ideas on what to add.

Doing It Right

Making custom shirts is an excellent business to invest in. Yet, some mistakes are easy to avoid but costly if encountered. Diligent work and consistently gathering experience to avoid them are easy. You can make custom shirts for any occasion and event.

Having a partner in this career path is essential when starting a custom shirt business. Printailor is here to assist you with your start-up. With quality products and proven history of success, it is ready to facilitate your new venture.

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