VanGuard-Trading Review – Is VanGuard-Trading a reliable forex trading broker?


VanGuard-Trading is a Forex broker that provides traders with a market-standard MetaTrader 4 trading platform that makes trading easier.

In comparison to the other brokers we studied, VanGuard-Trading focuses primarily on the foreign exchange market. It is also unconcerned about offering transactions in a variety of other trading markets. This may be considered a disadvantage, but I believe it has enhanced the good VanGuard-Trading offer. Because they are primarily focused on Forex, they ensure that their offerings are of the highest quality at all times.

As previously said, VanGuard-Trading uses MetaTrader 4, which means you may trade with all of the bells and whistles available to traders in the global Forex market. Take Profits, Stop Losses, Limit Orders, Instant Execution Technology, and many more trading tools are among the most popular. This trading firm distinguishes itself from the competition by offering a number of services that are not available from your typical forex broker.

VanGuard-Trading features

VanGuard-Trading deposit and withdrawal

The VanGuard-Trading depositing and withdrawal procedure is smooth and quick; this is seen as a wonderful PR and marketing move by VanGuard-Trading, and it distinguishes them from the competition. VanGuard-Trading also offers a free conventional demo account, as well as sophisticated trading features like market research, trading history, and, of course, the opportunity to trade with high leverage if one so desires. They also provide a variety of account kinds to satisfy the expanding demands of traders with varying degrees of expertise, which I haven’t seen with many other forex brokers. Deposit, registration, and withdrawal are all made simple and straightforward with the aid of VanGuard-Trading. In addition, any of the payment options can be used to open an account.

With VanGuard-Trading, the withdrawal process is deemed simple and quick.

The firm currently covers more than 40 currency pairings, with spreads starting at 3-4 pips for major companies. It also has a no-commission policy, which is a significant benefit over the other brokers we have examined previously.


VanGuard-Trading has been in the business for a number of years. The organization has been regarded as trustworthy from its start. It makes use of the well-known and dependable MetaTrader 4 and 5 platforms for trading.

VanGuard-Trading platform

MetaTrader 4 and 5 platforms are supported by the platform. Both trading platforms are well-known, with millions of deals executed each year. A web-based platform is also available. Because it is regarded as more basic than the other trading platforms, this platform is mostly used for monitoring various positions rather than analysis.

Let’s start with a discussion about mobile commerce. We all know how well the mobile phone sector is doing, but the Forex trading industry has yet to achieve that level of success. The majority of brokers do not offer mobile help. VanGuard-Trading supports mobile trading with the MetaTrader 4 trading platform, which can be downloaded quickly to a mobile device.

Customer service

In terms of customer care, it offers a call center, a callback function, forum rooms, and live chat. You may reach out to a person at any time with the aid of this customer service.

The VanGuard-Trading website is available in a variety of languages. It is regarded as a significant indicator of its commitment to excellence. Another aspect we liked about VanGuard-Trading is that it provides cutting-edge consumer solutions through an innovative chat room where you can converse with representatives and other traders in a variety of languages. They also provide Forex training on their website, which includes a number of useful articles on a range of themes, particularly for those who are new to the sector.

Furthermore, they give essential information like email addresses and phone numbers through the chat service, and they are always accessible to answer any sort of query, at any time.


  1. Changes in Spreads. It aids in keeping the spread narrow, which is one of the costliest charges a trader may incur.
  2. The MetaTrader platform is well-known and trustworthy. It has been used by traders for numerous years and is regarded reliable.
  3. An account can be opened for as little as $1.
  4. Withdrawing and depositing funds is simple and quick.


  1. This is confined to Forex trading; if you want to trade other markets, you’ll need to locate a different broker.
  2. Variable spreads aren’t a concern during news events if you plan on excluding the news announcement.


VanGuard-Trading has been around in the commercial markets for years now servicing both beginners and experienced traders. The platform trading spreads are considered to be reasonable, and they also provide a variety of deposit choices. This is seen as a significant benefit. Due to the opportunity to start an account with a little amount of cash, the forex dealer is regarded as an ideal destination for novices.

It has been able to establish a worldwide footprint since its establishment. We feel they are ready and well equipped to strike the target with their innovative trading platform, strong customer service, and features.

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