How can you enhance your Wi-Fi range


Our internet connections rely on Wi-Fi largely. If your Wi-Fi is not working properly, even after resetting – you can try more than one hack before replacing your Wi-Fi router with another one. In this article, we will give you a quick overview of how we can extend the range of our Wi-Fi routers and how can we possibly fix the ones we are already using. So, without any further discussion, let’s get straight to the possible solutions:

  1. Place Your Router At A Good Place

An extremely simple yet effective idea is to keep your router at distance from electrical devices and wires. Placing the Wi-Fi router at a safe distance allows the network to work properly without any hiccups. Metallic devices are disrupters, and so are the waves that emerge from microwave. The waves that are emitted through these devices can cause hindrance in your Wi-Fi signals. A reliable internet connection like Spectrum Internet can be a great option for experiencing a quality network.

  1. Make Sure The Router Is Not An Old Model.

As per the technology news and experts, the number of malware attacks is growing and costing billions to individuals and businesses every year. A great number of these malware attacks could be reduced if the routers are timely replaced with the new and updated models. Once the malware gets into the router, it could steal the bandwidth and can extend itself to other networks and devices.

  1. Get A Strong Antenna.

The majority of the Wi-Fi routers are available in small sizes and have weak antennas. Though powerful Wi-Fi Antennas are usually large in size, if we compare them to the antenna that comes with the Wi-Fi router, the length is between 10 to 15 inches tall and possesses about a 10-dB antenna and 4 dB gain. In order to extend the Wi-Fi range, you should purchase a strong antenna than the one you currently have. The standard strength of any antenna is somewhere around 4-5 dB which can be replaced with an antenna having a 9 dBi antenna providing better signal coverage.

  1. Keep Your Wi-Fi Password Protected.

In this age, it is mandatory to have your devices, especially the Wi-Fi router password-protected. Access to Wi-Fi connection is becoming a necessity, the urge to stay in constant connectivity is endorsing open and public networks. If you think no one will use your open and guessable password, you may be wrong and would be at the risk of being hacked. As everywhere mentioned, try using special letters, a combination of caps and small with the numeric, lengthy, and unpredictable password is all you need to secure your network and confidential data in your devices from getting hacked or monitored.

  1. Buy a Wi-Fi range extender.

Getting yourself and your household a Wi-Fi range extender is a good investment as it allows you to get the maximum out of your regular Wi-Fi connection by boosting it further. Wi-Fi extenders and boosters are very much alike, though, both amplify the current signals you are receiving before replicating them to form another network. A booster of standard quality costs around $100 and could be installed in a matter of a few minutes without any technical support. To get even better results from the Wi-Fi booster or repeater, it is recommended to get an app for the Wi-Fi booster to determine the current coverage of Wi-Fi and analyze the optimal method to increase the existing network of Wi-Fi.

  1. Manage Continuously Running Applications In The Background.

‘Some applications in our phones and computers are bandwidth-hungry or any upload or download in the background slowing down the entire network. Fortunately, the latest routers now support QoS (Quality of Service) which enables its users to manage particular applications according to their priority.   By doing this, your digital experience won’t be interrupted particularly if you are watching 1440p videos or playing online games.

  1. Get The Latest Wi-Fi

The latest wireless technology provides improved upload and download speeds along with superior coverage compared to previous wireless technologies. To extend Wi-Fi, you should ensure that your residential Wi-Fi router and all the devices, which include laptops and smartphones are compatible.

  1. Switch to 5 GHz.

The 5 GHz frequency is the fastest and latest wireless range for transferring data at a short distance and is usually not as busy as the wireless frequency 2.4 GHz. If the Wi-Fi router supports 5 GHz, do consider changing it with an instant speed boost.

  1. Reboot

Regardless of how prolonged or latest the technical glitch is, particularly if we refer to the Wi-Fi range extension, a simple reboot usually fixes things – if not always fix it, at times it does help to strengthen the signals.

Wrapping Up

For better internet connectivity, it is important to have a good range of Wi-Fi connections. If the range of your internet connection is not good, you cannot connect most of the devices if you move away from the Wi-Fi router.  However, by following some simple steps that are mentioned above, you can enhance your Wi-Fi range.

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