What to Know About Gold Experience Requiem

gold experience requiem


Gold Experience Requiem is a humanoid Stand with the same stature and build as Giorno. An important part of its elements dates back to the first Gold Experience, recalling the ladybugs for its hands and the elliptical depressions on its entire body. His head is extended into pointed tips, with the back of the head empty, giving it the appearance of a crown. His eyes have a unique design between the Stands, with the ‘eyeballs’ installed in a cross-shaped construction within skewed fixtures. He has an elongated edge collar on the back of his neck, as well as some gaps and different patterns covering his body.


Gold Experience Requiem addresses Diavolo in eliminated time normally involved simply by him and his Stand King Crimson, clarifying that he can function freely with Giorno’s consciousness.

He has a voice similar to that of his client, Giorno Giovanna. However, Gold Experience Requiem speaks in a somewhat mechanical and respectful tone, much like a robot and like different Stands equipped for speech. It communicates the desire to secure Giorno and offers Giorno’s ethics and convictions, looking down on and despising Diavolo during their brief conflict.

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Gold Experience Requiem knows how even Giorno knows the genuine degree of his ability, and without hesitation, he expresses that no other Stand can at any time go against him. The Stand counters the possibility of Diavolo’s “existence” created by King Crimson’s ability by unfavorably letting him know that he will definitely never go to the truth again due to his own power.

Like its previous structure, Gold Experience, its Extended Stand Cry is “Muda Muda …!”


Gold Experience Requiem is a short proximity Requiem Stand that boasts extraordinary speed and power in contrast to its past structure and could not live up to the typical stand details. Made by Arrow and brought into the world by Giorno’s powerful drive to defeat the Crimson King and exact revenge on Diavolo, it employs the little-known force to return anything to “nothing,” properly arranging his activities; a power that even overcomes King Crimson’s eradication/invalidation ability over time.

Gold Experience Requiem is as amazing as Stand that authorizes Giorno to suspend it.

Due to its expanded power, Gold Experience Requiem can fire a stone fast enough that it is no longer apparent to the natural eye and has enough power behind it to enter through one hand and destroy a piece of a structure. However, in the manga, GER created a rod made of unadulterated life energy.

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Powers in Gold Experience Requiem

The strength of Gold Experience Requiem’s ​​battle capabilities lies fundamentally in close battle circumstances where it can use its extraordinary speed and solidarity to achieve full impact. Similarly, he uses the ability to return almost anything to nothing, arranging activities from the past to suit Giorno’s requirements and wishes. The powers of the Stand obscure even those of Diavolo’s Stand King Crimson, and they are undoubtedly completely intense, to the point that they allow Giorno to suspend. One of his other fundamental weapons is the ability to shoot a stone at such a fast speed that the object cannot be seen with the natural eye. The power with which the stone travels is astonishing enough to pierce through a human body and even erase the side of a structure.

Gold Experience Requiem’s ​​ability to override activities and zero self-control has several uses. One of the most important is the ability to change disappearance. Gold Requiem Experience is equipped to make another reality freely as a method of re-branding from “nothing” shortly before the death of its client. This is described as a kind of fitting retribution that balances out the multiple occasions that King Crimson has seemingly mutilated reality in order to help his client, Kingpin Diavolo.

During development, Gold Experience Requiem’s ​​powers are said to have far surpassed those of its first structure, making the Stand an imposing foe to anyone who prevents it.

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