Focal Experience Center Pune- The Home of Focal’s Best Home Theater Speakers

Focal Experience Center

Focal Experience Center in Pune is a space where you can sit back relax and listen to music from some of the most renowned speakers. And it’s not just about listening. The showroom also gives customers the opportunity to interact with their potential purchase, first-hand.

It’s no secret that how a speaker sounds can make or break your listening experience. This is even more true if you’re only hearing the sound coming from one or two speakers at a time, which is why Focal has put together an extraordinary showroom for customers to explore before making their final decision. The Focal Experience Center India permits visitors to choose between different types of Focal home theater systems, speakers, and more so they can decide what suits them best.

Focal Experience Center in Pune has finally launched this first one-of-a-kind store. The store will be a one-stop destination for audiophiles and music lovers who want to invest in premium sound. This state-of-the-art facility will offer the world’s best products and unmatched services suited for every customer. If you’re seeking focal speakers in India, come to our Focal Experience Center in Sangamwadi or browse through the website.

With a Living Room, dedicated home theatre room, and an open space with great acoustics, the following rooms allow a hands-on experience with the whole line of focused speakers.

We’re here to bring you the best in sound systems. Whether you’re looking for something for your living room, your business operations, or even something outside of the office; we’ve got what you need. We pride ourselves on quality and exceptional customer service that goes into each part of our work. There are many different types of audio equipment available at Focal India, including:

  • Loudspeakers
  • Wireless speakers
  • In-Ceiling speakers
  • In-Wall speakers
  • On-Wall speakers
  • Bookshelf speakers
  • Floor Standing speakers
  • Center channel speakers
  • Headphones
  • Audio monitors
  • Soundbars
  • Subwoofers
  • Wireless subwoofers
  • Accessories and cables
  • AV Processor and amplifiers

At Focal experience center India, you can also find a series of best focal speakers ranging from Sopra through Chora, Aria, Kanta, Chorus, & Utopia series and more soon-to-be-released.

Here are a few excellent products that you should keep an eye on and consider while making a purchase:

  • 5.1 Focal Sib Evo Home Theater
  • 5.1 Focal Dome Polyglass Home Theater
  • Focal Aria Cc 900 – Center Speaker
  • Focal 100 Od 6 – On-Wall Speaker
  • Focal Dome Subwoofer
  • 5.1 Focal Soundbar Dimension & Sub Air (True 5.1 ) With Wireless Receiver Aptx
  • 5.1 Focal Dome Flax With Sub Air Home Theater
  • Naim Muso And Muso Qb
  • Naim Mu-So For Bentley Special Edition 2nd Generation Premium Wireless Speaker
  • Naim Uniti Star Integrated Amplifier With Cd Player
  • Naim Uniti Atom Integrated Amplifier
  • Naim Uniti Nova All-In-One Integrated Amplifier

Here are some of the most important factors to consider when choosing a focal speaker to ensure that you receive what you want from the best.

  • Undistorted sound
  • Refined audio
  • Naturally reproduced sound
  • Wide dispersion
  • HiFi performance
  • Intelligent power control
  • Low Resonance
  • Visually pleasing design
  • Detailed components
  • High durability

Explore the magic of luxury shopping at Focal India and discover the world of luxury shopping by visiting Focal’s experience store at Millenium Star, Shop No. 9, Dhole Patil Rd, near Ruby Hall Clinic, Sangamvadi, Pune, Maharashtra, 411001 or schedule an appointment here and you can buy Focal Speakers online at best prices in India.


Focal, a well-known French audio equipment manufacturer, was founded in 1979. The company has 40 years of experience in the consumer electronics industry and is known for its hi-fi brands. It’s a brand synonymous with quality and performance. With top-of-the-line models like the Focal Aria, it’s easy to see why this manufacturer’s name is on many people’s lips!

The company is headed by Jacques Mahul, who purchased the company from Violette and Robert Guillou. Jacques has been involved in the hi-fi industry since 1977 and is a well-known specialist in high-end audio, which makes him a great leader for this company. His vision is to not just make listening great but to also be an example of modernity and dynamism in all things he does.

Focal is a French audio equipment company that has been making speakers for many years. They are renowned for their innovation, sound quality, and design. Focal offers products in every price range – from the affordable to the luxuriant – with an emphasis on delivering the best possible listening experience. Whether you want something small and hidden or something power-packed with features, Focal has something for you.

Focal offers a range of High-quality speakers, soundbars, headphones, wireless speakers, monitors, audio accessories, and other products.


Naim Audio is a well-known high-end audio equipment manufacturer. They have been producing some of the most famous and prestigious pieces of audio equipment. The company was founded by Julian Vereker in 1973 and it’s based in London, UK. Naim Audio offers products for home theater, music systems, and mobile HiFi.

Naim Audio was the first company to launch a high-end CD player. Their latest products include Mu-so, UnitiServe, Mu-so Qb, and a few others. Naim Audio is a British music company that has almost 50 years of experience in the acoustical engineering and manufacturing industry. When Naim Audio began, it was originally founded as an independent audio manufacturer, but since then they have become a well-known name in the consumer electronics industry.

Naim Audio is known for its high-end home audio equipment, including integrated amplifiers, network players, and streaming solutions. Naim Audio products are designed to deliver the highest quality sound while being aesthetically pleasing and well-designed. With so many years of experience in the industry, Naim Audio has developed a great reputation for its high-quality sound products.

Wrapping Up!

Focal Experience Center in Pune is a music lover’s heaven. In addition to offering a wide selection of premium audio equipment, the store also features demo rooms that allow customers to audition high-quality speakers and headphones in an immersive environment. Focal’s first-ever experience center in Pune is located on Dhole Patil Road, where customers can enjoy free sound checks and personal consultations. Whether you visit us in person or schedule an appointment online, our objective is to give the best possible client experience. We’re dedicated to offering exceptional service and support so you can get the most out of your music.

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