Best Graphic Design Careers To Watch Out For in 2022

Graphic Design

At times, choosing the path to follow can be so overwhelming. With a lot of roads to travel down, which one should you choose, and where will it lead you?

This matter is true when it comes to selecting your career path. If you are looking for a career that does not simply pay the bills, but something that keeps you on your toes every day, then graphic design is an incredible career option.

Being in the creative industry provides you with a lot of exciting roles. It is a great career path for creative thinkers and pleasure in technology, art, and communication. For graphic designers and people who love solving problems and creating things in a creative manner, having a career in the creative industry could be the best fit for you.

Why Pursue a Career in Graphic Design?

The demand for design is present across all industries. This is why graphic designers will not run out of opportunities, and there will always be new and exciting projects to take on. Graphic design can be a very fulfilling career path as creative professionals can readily see the impact of their creative works in the real world.

Still can’t decide whether you like to pursue a career in the creative industry? Read on to know some of the many reasons why you should choose a career in graphic design.

1. You are being paid for your creativity.

Your creative fee depends on your experience. On average, a graphic designer with two to five years of experience in the field earns between $45,000 to $57,000 annually, or about $22-27 every hour. For those with five to ten years of experience, their salary ranges from $51,000 to $71,000 yearly, or about $25-34 per hour.

2. It is an opportunity to make a difference.

You can take on projects that actually make a difference and serve a bigger purpose. Some of those projects help businesses find their target market to properly address consumer needs and creative campaigns to convince people to get vaccinated or donate blood.

3. You can work from any part of the world.

Presently, the tools that every graphic designer needs to navigate the trade include a laptop, a good understanding of Photoshop software, and a sketchpad. Thus, graphic designers are not tied in an office, and they have the freedom to be creative anywhere they want to.

4. You can be the boss of your own.

Even if some designers still prefer having steady jobs to settle down, most of them choose to freelance nowadays. Being a freelancer gives them the utmost control over their time and working lives.

5. There are numerous opportunities.

Graphic makers speak a global language and can fill a wide range of roles because the present world is running on a visual basis.  Most, if not all, sectors or industries need graphic designers to send their stories across.

Best Graphic Design Careers To Watch Out For in 2022

Now that you know how great a graphic design career is, let us look at the best graphic design careers in 2022.

1. Graphic Designers

Graphic designers perform varied tasks such as designing logos, templates for social media, publication, illustrations, print graphics, and advertisement. Before taking this specific career path, you have to ask yourself whether you want to be a generalist or specialize in a particular type of graphic design.

You must also know that when applying for jobs in graphic design, your most relevant asset is your portfolio. Make sure that your portfolio has good representations of the design types you have created. Make a narrative around every design that discusses the presented design problem, roadblocks, and the solution you have made to overcome them.

When looking for a graphic design position, also make sure to check the related jobs. You will be surprised that the position you are looking for is listed under content marketing designer, UI designer, or visual designer.

2. Product Designers

In 2022, product designing jobs will be the most sought-after role companies will be hiring for. As a product designer, you are responsible for finding solutions to people’s real-world problems. You are the one behind the apps, websites, and other digital logo products people use every day.

To become a product designer, you must have a strong foundation in user research and user experience design. Moreover, you must have robust skills in design thinking because this process will guide your work. Many product designers have job experience as senior designers in a design team where they have carried out user-focused solutions.

So, if you want to land a job in product design in 2022, then you should highlight your problem-solving capabilities on your resume and portfolio. It must exhibit how you carried out things like user experience design, user research, and the process of design thinking for the projects that you have made. It is also wise to include any management role you have experienced in a design team or other position.

3. Motion Designers

The responsibilities of motion designers include the creation of all animations and micro-animations, along with those videos we usually see in different digital products. They design everything from commercials and movie trailers to micro-animations that impart instant feedback to users on apps and websites. Aside from these digital products, motion designers may also produce motion graphics for TV and film.

There is also a need for motion designers to create a video portfolio to showcase their true talents. Just like the rest of the design titles and roles, discussing the way the motion designer addressed the design problem rather than simply putting videos and images will make the portfolio more impressive to prospective employers.

4. User Experience (UX) Designers

User experience (UX) designers are responsible for figuring out the wants and needs of users and then finding ways to address them. They frequently concentrate on the initial stages of the design process, including wireframing, user research, early prototyping, and mockups creation.

There are several UX designers who also perform UI design. They take the project from the initial stages and work on it until the end product. Generally, even those who work with UI designers have a hand in the whole design process to ensure that the end product meets the users’ needs.

Most of the work of UX designers is “behind the scenes,” so their portfolio must explain the whole story of their contribution to the project. It must explain the design problem, the research methods used in coming up with solutions, and any existing design assets they have provided to the project. Aside from the portfolio, you can also explain these things on the cover letter and resume, which is good to know that they have similarities but also very distinct differences.

5. UI and Visual Designers

These jobs are graphic design subsets mainly focused on designing digital content and interfaces. At times, UI Design is referred to as Visual Design, and it is closely related to graphic design. UI designers have basic knowledge of CSS and HTML, though visual designers rarely implement these skills in their work.

To get hired as a UI or Visual Designer, focus on your design portfolio. It should highlight your created designs and incorporate the stories behind those creations. Being a UI or visual designer will most likely place you as part of a team that would transform your designs into functional products. Thus, to excel in this career path, it will help to understand how to work with other designers, developers, product managers, and the like.

6. Creative Director

The primary responsibility of a creative director is the supervision of the artistic direction. This task is particularly crucial when building the visual identity of a brand. Also, creative directions lead the creative projects from start to finish. They also perform a client-facing role.

Creative directors make high-level creative decisions. With these decisions, they oversee the creation of creative assets like logos, events, products, and advertisements. They may also take on the roles of a copywriter, art director, or lead designer.

To become a creative director, one should have experience in graphic design and be knowledgeable in project and resource management.

7. Content Creator

A content creator can also build a career in the creative industry. Often referred to as influencers, content creators do not only influence trends. They also create videos, images, or blog posts that capture their followers’ interest.

Also, content creators can use their platform to find their voice. They establish themselves as experts, and you can showcase this through content like reviews and tutorials.

Content creators produce educational and entertaining materials through any channel or medium. When we talk of content creation, it mostly refers to digital content, where most of the content is being consumed and where the biggest chunk of money is.

To be a content creator, one has to know content curation and photo and video editing.

What If You Are Not The Best at Graphic Design?

If you have a passion for digital marketing but have no background in graphic design, there is still hope. Many online graphic maker tools can help you create stunning visuals even if you do not have any experience in designing. You only need to search for templates in a graphic maker tool’s library. When you choose a template that you like, you can change the text or image and change the fonts, colors, and sizes to your liking. Try mastering one tool for a start. Create one graphic a day as a challenge. Soon enough, you’ll get the hang of designing graphics and who knows, one day. You can find a suitable job with your graphic maker tool as a partner.


After sharing this relevant information about in-demand graphic design careers in 2022, we hope you now have a better idea of which path to take. Just bear in mind that the key to getting hired for a particular design job is building a solid portfolio that exhibits your skills and the degree of your work. Start building your professional portfolio now. You have a long and exciting journey ahead after being hired.

Good luck, design makers!

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