8 Dabbing Tips For Beginners


Dabbing is one of the popular methods of smoking cannabis. With this technique, you can feel the effects by just taking a few puffs. You can get strong hits because the concentrates are potent and laced with active ingredients, which are mostly pure. Dabbing can also provide a kind of discretion since there won’t be much smell after smoking. It also has a tasty flavor because concentrates ensure limited interaction between your sense of taste and cannabis.

These are some of the advantages you gain from dabbing, unlike smoking. So, as a beginner, these could be motivators to try out dabbing. You shouldn’t see it as a technical undertaking since you can get started and do it perfectly with handy pointers. Below are a few tips to help guide you:

  1. Understand The Rig

When getting started with dabbing, understanding the dab rig and all its components is essential. These are the tools you need to start dabbing:

  • Dab rig: It comes in different shapes and sizes and is used with a banger or nail. Instead of a bowl, you’d need a dabber tool, torch, and carb As a good start, always buy from reputable stores for guaranteed quality, especially since most inferior dab rigs typically retain some residue, making dabbing undesirable.
  • Nail: Traditionally, you have to apply heat to the nail using a torch. That said, keep an eye out on the nail so you don’t burn your fingers. Alternatively, you can consider trying out the e-nail, which you only need to plug into the socket directly or use a battery.
  • Carb Cap: It is an extra item to cover the nail. Its primary purpose is to trap heat and supply adjustable pressure and airflow.
  • Dab Tool: You use this device to scoop the concentrate and place it on the nail. Since it comes into contact with the nail, ensure you use a heat resistance tool made from ceramic, steel, or quartz materials.
  • Torch: If you’re using a traditional dab rig, the torch serves as a source of heat to vaporize the concentrate.
  • Batteries: An electric rig requires a powerful battery to keep the dabbing smooth. You won’t have to disrupt your dabbing sessions every other time to replace or recharge the battery.
  • Dab Mat: This provides a perfect surface to place your dab rig equipment. Concentrates are typically sticky and can mess up your table. Having a non-stick mat can help keep your dab corner clean.
  1. Buy Your Concentrates From Reputable Stores

As a first-time dabber, it’s always best to purchase quality concentrates from a reputable supplier. It’s the only way you can get a concentrate that has been tested in labs and proven fit for use. A concentrate herein is an extract from the cannabis plant with a high Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) concentration. It has different features such as texture, potency, color, and consistency. Furthermore, its extraction methods differ. Others may use crude means to obtain purity and potency. Some options include resin, shatter, oil, sugar, crumble, sauce, and budder. They also have different flavors you can try and experiment with it.

  1. Begin With Small Doses

Since this is something you’ve never tried, it’s advisable to start taking only small doses. Generally, these concentrates deliver substantial highs. If you take so many puffs at once, you may experience a knockout too soon into the session. Thus, begin with small amounts and increase your intake slowly as you become more tolerant and acquainted with dabbing. Remember, there’s only so much your lungs can take.

  1. Know The Right Temperature Levels

If you take a hit at extremely high temperatures, you may get burned and not receive the desired tastes. Thus, it’d help if you did it at lower temperatures, where you can get smoother hits and where the terpenes are preserved.

  1. Stay Hydrated

Generally, smoking or dabbing THCs usually results in a dry mouth and burning throat, and sometimes you may become dizzy after smoking. Thus, you must always drink enough water when dabbing. Always pack a few bottles of water when dabbing away from home. Doing so can also help relieve your throat if you start coughing after a hit.

  1. Watch And Learn From Experts

Pro dabbers have unique techniques that can make your sessions more thrilling. Therefore, you can watch videos from dabbing gurus or team up with experienced dabbers in your neighborhood. With this, you can pick fantastic styles and learn dabbing best practices.

  1. Do It In A Calm Environment

On the flip side, it can be intimidating to try dabbing in an environment with seasoned dabbers. You may be tempted to compete with them, which may lead to adverse effects, given that you’re only getting started. So, you may want to consider doing it alone in a calm environment to help ease anxiety. Alternatively, you can team up with beginner dabbers. Preferably, choose a safe and comfortable area filled with fresh air for a fantastic experience.

  1. Clean The Rig After Use

Ensure you clean the dab rig after every hit. It helps with removing the residue that builds up after use. Failure to remove them could result in a change of taste because the old concentrates may mix with the new ones. You can clean it using supplies such as isopropyl alcohol, q tips, a resealable bag, salt or vinegar, and baking powder.


As a beginner, there are many things you must look out for before you can start dabbing. Ideally, it requires you to have some degree of savviness to avoid getting burned. Start by building a complete dab rig, choosing a flavorful and premium quality concentrate, and applying an appropriate dabbing technique.

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