6 Things to Consider When Designing Product Packaging for an Online Business

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Product packaging is designing and making the container or wrapping used to pack products that are ready for selling or shipping. Product packaging is popular amongst online retailers as it helps attract and make their customers happy.

Store owners and retailers take product packaging very seriously as it helps establish their brand identity. It can also be used as a marketing tool because if your packaging wows your customers, they will be prompted to share it on their social media channels. This may catch other people’s attention, who end up purchasing your products.

What Makes Product Packaging Important for Online Businesses

Unlike in physical retail, you have fewer chances of impacting your customer when operating an online business. Therefore, you must use product packaging to connect and delight your customers. So, what makes product packaging so important for e-commerce.

●    Reduces Product Damage

Online business owners must ensure the use of quality packaging materials to protect the products and reduce damage. This helps the business save the cost of return inventory and shipping feeds.

●    Establishes Your Brand Identity

The packaging you use for your products helps establish your brand identity. Therefore, you must ensure your product packaging’s first impression on your customers has a wow factor.

When you see people unboxing luxury products such as Louis Vuitton; the excitement is evident on their faces. You can also give your customers butterflies with your product packaging.

●    Acts As A Source Of Information For Your Clients

Your product packaging should also give your customers extra information about your company and product. Include your website, customer service email, ingredients used to make the products, expiration, and any other information you deem necessary.

●    Influence Social Media Shares

Online business owners are getting more creative with product packaging, especially if they unveil new products. This is where influencer marketing comes into play as brands send influencers’ PR products in customized packaging. And when the influencer shares the packaging on their social media platforms, it prompts others to share. And in the process, the brand captures new customers.

●    Helps You Keep Up With the Changing Trends

Product packaging helps businesses keep up with the changing trends; from the era of cartons and shiny gift wrappings, online business owners have upped the mark and are now packaging their products inside a balloon with an array of condiments, such as flowers.

Factors to Consider When Choosing How to Package Your Products

Your product packaging should communicate your brand’s identity and bring out what makes you different while offering your customers a wholesome user experience. Before nailing down your brand’s packaging, you must consider the following.

1.  Target Market

You must consider your target market to nail down your product packaging design. Evaluate their pain points, buying behavior, and preferences, and then design your packaging accordingly.

Your packaging doesn’t have to be expensive to delight your customers. You need to understand your customers and customize it according to their tastes. For instance, if you send a PR package to an influencer, you must have researched and identified their likes and dislikes.

2.  Types Of Packaging

There are different types of product packaging, and the styles you choose will solely depend on your products. For instance, if you are shipping delicate items, corrugated boxes are ideal as they are double-walled and sturdy. Padded mailers are perfect for smaller items such as jewelry, books, or electronics, as they have a bubble wrap that cushions the products from damage.

Bags and envelopes work fine if you sell clothes and other non-fragile products. They are easy to store, lightweight, and easy to customize the packaging to fit your brand. Digital printed custom tape can bind the packaging, whether the box, padded mailers or envelopes. You can easily attach a customized tape to the package, similar to how it is done by popular delivery services.

3.  Cost Of Packaging

Consider the cost of packaging and factor it into the product costs. This helps ensure that you are not incurring losses. Consider the fragility of your product as well, when deciding on the packaging. If your products don’t need the protection of a box, it would be best to opt for cheaper and customized packaging such as padded mailers and envelopes.

4.  Create A Unique And Amazing Unboxing Experience

While saving on cost, you must ensure that you are providing your customers with a fantastic unboxing experience. This is because most tend to unbox their product on their social channels, and when your packaging is stunning, it will be a magnet for other customers. So, treat your packaging as a marketing tool.

5.  Eco-Friendly Packaging

Aim to appeal to environmentally conscious customers. Make use of eco-friendly and recyclable packaging material. Having an eco-conscious business shows customers that your brand is responsible and will earn their respect, which translates into sales.

6.  Social Media Appeal

When you are designing your packaging, consider its social media appeal. You must ensure that your product packaging inspires users to share on their platforms. So ensure that your design color palette is appealing and stands out amongst other brands.

Benefits of customized product packaging

When you use product packaging well, your business gains a competitive edge over other e-commerce businesses as it:

●    Helps You Stand Out

In an age where every business has an online presence, it could be challenging to stand out. However, with unique and captivating packaging, customers are bound to discover your brand. So be creative in your design and ensure it appeals to your user demographic, and you’ll be assured of success in your business.

●    Can Influence A Buyer’s Buying Decision

A packaging with a grand color scheme can charm a customer into buying a product even when they don’t need it.

●    An Excellent Marketing Tool

Product packaging is an excellent online marketing tool when used correctly. That’s business should aim to create a wow effect on their customers to inspire them to share on their social media platforms. Ensure that the packaging has all the details about your company and product to make it for the prospective customer to find you.

●    Enhances Brand Recognition

People will quickly identify your brand with a unique logo on your packaging. So, ensure that you use the right colors and fonts for easy recognition.

Final Thoughts

The pandemic saw the closure of many physical businesses, prompting business owners to shift their operations online. This brought on stiff competition, which pushed businesses to try many ways to stand out. This in turn has increased business opportunities for delivery companies. However, Customers are combating issues of package theft and missed deliveries, more so in Houston, considering the metro area’s robbery rate being particularly high. In order to avoid missed deliveries, book a Stowfly, the best package storage and receiving service that manages every package effectively.

Product packaging is one of the areas least explored as many use generic packaging, which doesn’t inspire customers. Customized product packaging gives customers a wholesome user experience and helps businesses drive sales so that they can stand out against the competition.

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