Supplement Your Income: Best Online Jobs Anyone Can Do

Online Jobs

In this age of seamless communication, it will be your greatest undoing to overlook the wondrous powers of the internet. The internet has allowed us to connect with a global audience, build a solid brand, and make a lot of money! Alongside the financial recession the whole world is currently faced with now, we should all be thinking of ways to diversify and supplement our income.

There are many proven ways you can build a solid income base online without disrupting your physical brick-and-mortar job or business. Many of them are easy, straightforward, and require little to almost no capital.

If you are looking for such side-hustles, we will show you 5 online jobs to supplement your income online.

Start a Podcast

If you are someone who enjoys chatting, and luckily, have a gang of friends who do too, then you can start a podcast. Back in the days, it was such a big deal trying to start one. But that narrative has since changed with the coming of age of platforms such as YouTube.

Now all it takes to start a podcast is a small phone or an HD camera, one or two mic systems, and a bunch of chit-chat buddies and off you go. You can blab almost about anything you find interesting and you will get people to view your episodes. Nothing is off the menu. You could talk about the best of onlyfans and you will get subscribers

Join SkillShare

SkillShare is a great place to share howto videos on basically any subject you can think of. Once you register an account on the platform, you can start posting helpful videos on anything you have a passion for. This is similar to what you can do on YouTube but it’s a little bit restrictive in the approach, but there is less competition compared to the millions of YouTube videos out there!.

On SkillShare, you are only allowed to share help videos that can earn you anywhere from five to ten cents for each of your videos watched. All you need to get started is your camera phone, a laptop, and editing software to edit your videos.


One of the most popular online jobs that many people are going for these days is freelancing. Many great platforms allow people to offer their skills at a freelance level to clients who require those services. Some examples of such sites include, Fiverr, and Upwork.

You can sign up on any one of these platforms and offer services in various specialties including copywriting, web design, video editing, data analysis, or accounting. The list is endless. The good thing about these platforms is that there are no restrictions or requirements to join. All you have to do is bring your A-game to bear in a niche you are good at and start earning.

Join SoundCloud

If you’ve got a singing voice and you think you have what it takes to pull a crowd, well you don’t need to wait for a huge record deal to showcase yourself. SoundCloud has presented itself as that one-time big deal everyone craves. It is a great place for people to get their music noticed.

Many popular mainstream artists found their successes on SoundCloud by simply promoting their best materials. But the great thing about it is you do not even have to post a full-length song to get noticed. It could just be a funny jingle that brands could use in their commercial and you are there!

Rent Your Unused Living Spaces

This one’s actually effortless. Did you know that you put up your unused living spaces for rent on marketplaces like Airbnb and HouseTrip? Yes. And the good thing is you can do this for just any type of house, apartment, or space. You can even rent out just a room in a full house for rent if you want, there are no restrictions!

Platforms like Airbnb, in particular, do not put a restriction on the length of time you choose to rent out your spaces. You have full autonomy to rent out your living spaces for a day, three days, a week, or even a few months. The choice is yours.

Wrap Things Up

Well, there you have it. We have just shown you five online gigs anybody, irrespective of age or class, can easily take up and earn to supplement income. We are in that time and age where everyone is talking about passive income.

It is almost dangerous to live just on one income stream these days! Look at the additional income streams discussed above, see where you fit in, and start implementing any one of them. Good news is; there are still a whole lot more of these kinds of online jobs.

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