Online Marketing: Remain on top with CaptainVerify and other Strategies

Online Marketing

The internet is a universe. To try to cover all the bases would simply be impossible, even for the largest companies in the world. However, there are elements that you need to make sure they are up and running, and that you are actually using on a regular basis, if you want your online marketing to get results. Here they are.

E-mail Newsletter

Creating interest and gaining clients is your number one priority. Therefore, once you have managed to do so, you need to keep their interest high. Otherwise, with all that goes on in this parallel universe, they will soon forget about you. That is where the e-mail newsletter comes in. Whenever someone buys from you or simply writes to ask a question, you should ask them to join your newsletter database. The larger it will be, the better your chances to create more sales, in the future. However, it is of outmost importance to keep it clean, through a quick email verification on CaptainVerfiy, every time you are about to use it. Otherwise, you could find yourself sending out e-mails to inexistent mail boxes or even spam detectors, which could place you on a blacklist.

Social Media Accounts

Social media has become, for many people, the main source that they go to, when they want to know more about a company. Therefore, if you can’t be found on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and all the other ones, you are simply losing potential customers on a daily basis. The problem with this outlet is that it isn’t sufficient to just exist on them. You also need to create content on a constant basis. Otherwise, people that find you, will come to the conclusion that your company is not doing well. The number of posts necessary will vary. Some brands share five or six times daily, while others only once. You may also decide to do it once a week. But below that, the image you are sending out is not one optimal.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

We could have started this article with this point. That is because, if your SEO strategy isn’t well developed, and taken care of at all times, you won’t be easy to find on search engines, such as Google. The whole point of being on the world wide web is so that people can find you and buy your products and services. But if they search for your category and you don’t show up in the results, it will be exactly as if you did not exist at all, even if you have your own website.

In fact, the SEO strategy needs to be thought of before you even build the website. It is the only way you will be able to insist on the key words that you will define as the ones that represent best what you sell. They should find their way on most of the website pages, so that when Google looks for the information, it finds it. That is how it will consider it interesting for the people searching this particular information.

Don’t forget to add various ways of being contacted online. It starts with an e-mail, but should also include a WhatsApp phone number.

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