3 Players Manchester City will be ready to sell in January

Manchester City

Less than two weeks remain not only until the calendar new year, but also before the opening of the winter transfer window in Europe. Most of the top deals during this period are expected to habitually affect the most powerful national championship of our time, the English Premier League. You can watch the English Premier League during the whole winter, even when other championships are on a break. So, you can bet on the English Premier League even in January.

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Raheem Sterlin

Raheem Sterling, 27, a native of Jamaica and England national team winger, has been with Manchester City since summer 2015. During this time, he managed to win 11 different trophies with the “townspeople”, including three championships in the Premier League. However, in Europe, City has not yet conquered the main summit – the Champions League.

At the end of last season, Sterling, as he himself admitted, experienced certain psychological problems, which also affected the quality of his performances. On the sidelines, they began to talk about the advisability of changing the club for Sterling, and soon a very curious option appeared on the horizon – Barcelona.

Riyadh Marez

Marez was one of the key figures in the championship Leicester of the 2015/16 season, which in many ways earned the invitation from Manchester City, which was received in the summer of 2018. Since then, the Algerian has been an important element on the Etihad, but the purchase of Jack Grealish by the “townspeople” has called into question the further expediency of Marez’s stay in Manchester.

Now Marez is getting significantly less playing practice from Guardiola, which is why, according to rumors, he is ready to consider the possibility of changing the club in order to enter the field more often. At 30 years old, Riyadh can still count on a lucrative personal contract, and therefore it is high time for him to act decisively. The bosses of Manchester City will also probably think several times before turning down a potential buyer, because Marez’s contract with the Citizens expires in the summer of 2023.

Olexandr Zinchenko

The Ukrainian, who showed himself well in the modest Russian Ufa and earned an invitation from Manchester City, has been in demand in recent seasons by Josep Guardiola on the left flank of the defense. The incredible efficiency and motivation made Zinchenko an acceptable option for the coach of the “townspeople”, but the quality and balance of one of the leaders of the modern Ukrainian national team was still lacking. Still, the level of Manchester City is still too high for Alexander, who, although he is progressing, has not yet climbed so globally in his development.

Despite the fact that Guardiola continues to crumble in compliments to the Ukrainian, on the left in defense he more and more often has a nominal right fullback João Canselo, to which even the demanding Pep cannot have serious claims. Such a high-quality game of the Portuguese practically closes the path for Zinchenko to the squad, because in his native position in the center of the field, the Ukrainian is not at all able to compete with the performers at Guardiola’s hand.


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