Youtube Vs Facebook: Which One Is The Best To Go Viral

Youtube Vs Facebook

Youtube and Facebook are two of the largest social media platforms in today’s world. Many young content creators and influencers wonder which of the two platforms is better for them. An individual can easily buy Facebook likes and promote his handle using different promotional methods. Youtube is another big social media platform and is one of the highl yused interfaces. Similar to Facebook, an individual can promote his account, advertise it and monetize it by gaining Youtube subscribers. It is extremely necessary for any content creator to make his content go viral. In such a scenario, these two platforms have always been a subject of comparison and debate.

Let us study a few facts about these social media platforms and understand which one of the two is the best to go viral. 

Users and Audience:

Youtube users are from almost every age-group. The audience is from different locations and communities. Youtube has a huge potential and can bring in thousands of views within a few minutes, because of its diverse nature. Facebook has the highest number of users in the world. When it comes to gaining views on a video, Youtube is clearly more powerful than Facebook. Youtube is the second best search engine and a video platform. Hence people visit this platform only to watch videos. Whereas, Facebook Watch is the only interface where people can watch video content. It is only viewed by half of its users.

Viewing Mechanism:

According to studies, the attention span of an individual is fifteen seconds. If the content generates curiosity or interest within this time-frame, only then will the viewer watch the complete video. Youtube counts a view after 30 seconds of watching the video.  The usual video length on Youtube is around ten to fifteen minutes. This makes the views more authentic and reliable. Facebook counts a view just after 3 seconds of watching the video. When we compare the average time spent on these two platforms, Youtube has higher engagement rate. All the time that a user spends on Youtube is only for video viewing. While on Facebook it gets divided between posts, messaging, marketplace, and videos.


Advertisements are crucial when it comes to earning and promoting your content. Youtube advertising consists of charge per view. These earnings are based on view count. It can only be applied to one video at a time. Youtube is a great platform when it comes to branding, gaining publicity, and increasing the face value of an individual. On the other hand, Facebook has a CPM (Cost per Mile) method of charging. This is based on the impressions that your video receives. A view is counted after 3 seconds of viewership. Advertising charges can be applied to campaigns and we can buy Facebook likes. Hence Facebook is a better promotional tool used for promoting products or services.

Content Analysis:

Both of these platforms have different types of content. Youtube has a ton of videos over different topics. Influencers create videos based on travel, tourism, food, art, beauty, comedy, fashion, etc. Users can watch any content and have a free choice for selection on Youtube. The videos on Youtube are longer and gain views at a fast rate. Facebook has more sponsored and promoted content. Hence it is the best place for products, technologies, brands, and services promotion. The content on Facebook has shorter durations.

Live Streaming:

In recent times, live streaming has taken a boost. Many individuals prefer going live  and collaborate with other brands. Facebook Live is a great option to engage with thousands of people at the same time. Youtube has a huge advantage in terms of gaining views, but when it comes to live streaming Facebook beats Youtube. Facebook being a social networking site has active users who tend to join in more numbers. Hence the live sessions are very interactive and have a higher reach than Youtube live.


In the end, both these platforms have different use and advantages. One is used for branding and gaining public recognition, while the other is more of a promotional tool. Both the platforms have a high number of users, which makes them tough competitors. In terms of gaining views, Youtube is better, but your chances to go viral are higher on Facebook. You have to decide what is best for you according to your skill sets. If you liked this comparison article, save it for future reference. You can share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below. Also, do not forget to visit our page for similar content.

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