Why Business Should Prefer Cheap Email Hosting UK Over Free Email

Cheap Email Hosting UK

Have you ever seen a professional card with a business email address? If yes, how did you feel about it? Indeed, that looks non-professional these days. However, having your business name as a domain and professional practice is easily possible.

Maybe it is because old habits do not fade quickly. Also, it is budget-friendly to use free email services. But none of these are good enough reasons seeing how important brand reputation is.

When you look unprofessional, you miss a great opportunity. You lose the chance to market yourself and tell customers your brand name.

Here are some significant reasons you should find good cheap email hosting UK and not rely on free email hosting.

1.    They Are Most Targeted By Hackers

There is an extensive database of users on free services like Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail. So hackers prefer investing their energies there. A recent event happened in 2015. According to Reuters’s report, most victim accounts belonged to Mail.ru (MAILRq.L), Russia’s most popular email service. Others were Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft users. These were the words of Alex Holden, founder, and chief information security officer of Hold Security.

The news was leaked when a young Russian hacker bragged about his adventure in an online forum. The person revealed that he could give away many stolen credentials. It was as large as 1.17 billion records.

Moreover, there are infinite things hackers can do once they have access to your email account. For example, they can send spam mails to your contact that could possibly include adult content.

That would destroy your business reputation if your clients or business partners receive such content from you, so put your best effort into securing your contact information if you use a free email service.

One great way is two-step authentication. Every time you log in to your mail, they send a passcode to your phone. Then, you enter that passcode to get access to your email.

So even if someone gets your email and password, you are safe since they cannot log in without your phone. However, if they even have your phone, you are gone.

2.    Again! It is Unprofessional/Use Cheap Email Hosting UK To Look Professional

Yes, we have talked about it. However, the message is important enough to emphasize. It is critical to have your website. Of course, if the name does not appear in its email, customers can think a lot of bad things about you.

They would think the company does not have enough finance to bear the expenses of a website and the domain name. Or, they may think you have reached them through your personal account, not your business account. Also, they could perceive you as a person who does not care about privacy and is irresponsible enough to get yourself a domain.

3.    Recipient May Perceive You As a Spam

Yes, many people think you are spam if you look unprofessional and do not even bother opening the email. All spammers use free email accounts from Hotmail, Gmail, or yahoo to spread the spam. They do not even cost a penny and are very easy to get.

4.    No Cost Means No Technical Support

So, will anyone be there if your email goes down? Ideally, there should be a support team to help you in any case. Otherwise, your business will suffer. You could lose many earning opportunities and well-paying clients.

Unfortunately, Google will not answer your call if your Gmail address goes down. The same is true for all free email accounts. So do not expect any support from them when you are having problems. They would have no time left to entertain their premium clients if they started helping every single free email client. But, of course, they are not going to do it.

You can solve this problem by going for email hosting. Constant communication is mandatory for business, and you cannot risk it. Email hosting UK will help you whenever you need it. Moreover, almost all hosting companies would provide you 24/7 support, not just via email but by phone.

5.    Do Not Lose A Great Marketing Opportunity

Using your company’s domain name in the email correspondence is also a great marketing tactic. You introduce yourself to new customers. You keep using it, and they will see your domain name again and again and finally memorize it. You lose this opportunity every time you use the free email service. Someone else would get your customer eventually if you do not.

Rather than marketing yourself, you advertise for Gmail or whatever free service you use. Your customer would become Gmail’s customer. Yes, Google will appreciate it, but you should not be handing over your business to them.

It is not so easy to get sales, and it takes time. Email is one of the excellent ways to get closer to the sale. You program your potential consumer’s mind every time the company name appears in the email address.

Putting It All Together

You can easily find cheap web hosting. Most include email as part of the low-cost package. On the other hand, free email services are not reliable. Their unsafe nature makes cheap email hosting necessary. No matter how big or small your company is, every employee should use a company email account for all communication.

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