What’s a Lookbook in E-commerce and How to Best Use It to Increase Sales


When you have an e-shop, raising sales to a higher level is proven when photos of the product are placed in the context of the environment and lifestyle, so that the user gets the inspiration that can further convince him to choose a product to buy from you.

If you’re selling products that make sense to place in a certain environment, or the products can be placed in a lifestyle context that provides them with a display for easier consumer decision to buy, then it’s a good decision to present images of such products in the form of e-commerce lookbooks.

You want to demonstrate to your audience how appropriate your most recent collection is for them. And how proud and joyful it would make them. Then you must establish an emotional bond with your audience. Static pages with an endless list of products, on the other hand, may weary your clients. As a result, lookbook can be an excellent solution to these and other issues. It might not be that tough to create a lookbook. How can you make a compelling lookbook that attracts more customers? That, on the other hand, may be more difficult.

What’s Lookbook and Its Logic of Presenting Content

For people who follow fashion, it’s known that photo models present and promote their work through lookbooks, as well as companies that present their new fashion collections… It was in the segment of e-sales (high) fashion a few years ago that the first e-commerce attempts to use lookbook logic to increase sales of fashion products appeared.

Lookbook began as a print version. Many stylists, fashion designers, and e-commerce websites, on the other hand, use it to showcase their collections online. In addition, the lookbook contains a library of photographs and videos that may be used to showcase products. It enhances the visual experience while also guiding viewers through your selections. What’s the difference between a digital lookbook and a traditional static e-commerce page?

The digital lookbook is a visually immersive experience. It has a more innovative design and a better product presentation. Then you can use it to improve the mood and tone of your collection. Furthermore, visual material is beneficial for generating impressions, clicks, and conversions because it’s not just easier and faster for people.

Practically speaking, a lookbook in the context of e-commerce is a portfolio layout content element – the display of a large number of images on one or more pages, which should have three important characteristics to improve sales in lookbook content format:

  • In addition to quality lifestyle or ambient photography, it’s necessary to have a description of the product or the image itself – for the purpose of informing users and for the needs of search engine optimization (SEO).
  • It’s necessary that with the portfolio content, it’s possible to easily order the product presented in the picture.
  • The complete user experience of the lookbook should be done in such a way that in addition to the beauty of the display, it’s very functional in such a way that the user can easily view the content, decide on a particular product, and easily place orders – high-quality UX (User Experience).

Lookbook in the Context of Improving Sales in E-shops

Lookbooks are an excellent way to promote a new clothing brand, a new season’s collection, or a few must-have items. Lookbooks provide a chance for Internet shops to elicit an emotional response from customers. When it comes to enhancing your conversion rate, e-commerce personalization should always be linked with an email marketing strategy. Its goal is to acquire more email addresses from website visitors using targeted pop-ups on your online store (e-commerce operators can utilize systems like Benchmark to help with this).

1.    Your clients will be inspired and educated as a result of your lookbook efforts

The lookbook will feature your collection as a whole, rather than as individual pieces. It’s more than just a showcase for your goods. It will demonstrate to your customers how different goods can be worn together. What they can be worn with, how they can be mixed, and where they can be worn. As a result, the lookbook serves as a ‘how-to-wear’ guide for your collection.

2.    Sharing your lookbook’s backstory

Customer loyalty and trust are built through brand storytelling. Although you can’t have it both ways, you do have a lot to do with your brand’s success and ROI. A fantastic lookbook is more than just a collection of garments; it’s a whole story in and of itself. And your customers will be curious about the backstory to your lookbook.

3.    Increasing brand recognition and word-of-mouth

You provide clients with one-of-a-kind products that are superior to industry standards. Then you may start spreading the word about your brand and lookbook. You should make it simple to share the photographs and the entire lookbook. This can result in more natural engagement with your brand.

4.    Increase sales

The lookbook should be able to be purchased. On the pages, you should include a buy now button. That means you’re selling an entire look rather than a single item. This encourages customers to buy things after having a positive (content) experience rather than seeing static pages.

Some Steps for Making the Lookbook More Powerful and Increasing Sales

There are various ways to make your lookbook more impressive, but certain criteria are critical to your success, including an appealing cover page, efficient navigation, engaging imagery, appealing product descriptions, and more.

  • Make your lookbook appealing for purchase.
  • Invest in professional photography.
  • Come up with a story.
  • Don’t limit yourself to just one.
  • Use a theme that includes lookbook functionality.

Good Examples of Using the Lookbook Content Format to Enhance E-commerce Sales

As this format of product presentation in e-shops has been around only for more than three years, it turned out that presenting good product lookbook practices usually goes in the direction of easy product ordering or a combination of simple product ordering with quality display, but there aren’t too many successful examples of a good practice that includes all three segments of quality creation of lookbook content format.

Here are some good suggestions for running a lookbook solution for different e-commerce platforms through Themeforest.net.

  • Prestashop platform solution: TrailMix.

This solution has an interesting variant of using the hotspot space in the picture (crosses), and when you click on the cross, you get a special window with a picture of the product and the possibility of ordering.

  • HTML5 solution for different types of e-commerce platforms: Bewear – Lookbook Fashion eCommerce HTML Template.

This is a classic page with a picture and text like a lookbook, and when you click on order, you get a special page with an offer of all the products offered in the picture.

  • WordPress WooCommerce Solution: HOKI – Multi-Purpose Responsive WordPress & WooCommerce Theme

With this solution, there’s a hotspot, and through it, you can see the product with the price. After clicking, a new product page opens.


As part of individual solutions to themes that have the so-called portfolio elements with the possibility of ordering in the eshop, it’s necessary to choose a solution that allows, in the simplest and most transparent way, the user to make a faster purchase decision.

A lookbook is a tool for promoting your products through a visual experience in order to attract more customers. It is not only a portfolio to showcase brands’ collections, but it is also a tool for promoting your products through a visual experience in order to attract more customers. A lookbook may be an effective marketing tool for establishing an emotional connection with your audience and promoting a lifestyle through your products.

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