What is A Cabinet Humidor?

Cabinet Humidor

Are you new to the world of cigars? Are you looking for basic requirements that are important before smoking? If yes, you would be wondering how important a humidor cabinet is.

About Humidor

A humidor is a lifesaver for smokers as it preserves the quality of the cigar you are using. As no one like the smell and aroma to stay in the smoking area, there is always a need for proper maintenance and ventilation.

Use of A Humidor Cabinet

Cigar Humidor Cabinets are used for a most extensive collection of cigarettes. These cabinets are usually used in bars, stores, cigar shops, hotels, restaurants, and lobbies. It is designed in different styles, but the purpose is the same for all that is to preserve the life of a cigar. These cabinets are used to maintain the temperature and environment of the area.

Humidor Cabinet Capacity

A standard humidor cabinet can hold 1000 to 2000 cigars. There are large humidor cabinets too that can hold up to 5000 cigars. These humidors can store their cigars in bulk quantity for a longer time. This will take care of the collection of your cigars and will manage them effectively.

What Must a Humidor Cabinet Have?

Manufacturers ensure the sustainable and quality material, humidifier, and hygrometer are installed and assembled carefully. If you are looking for a humidor cabinet for your cigar lounge or tobacco shop, you must look for a humidor cabinet that has the following;

  • Use of Spanish Cedar wood for commercial humidor cabinets.
  • Humidifier to maintain temperature and to achieve the best humidity level.
  • Digital hygrometer to control both temperature and humidity at the same time.
  • Doors of glass windows to observe without opening the door again and again.

Advantages of Humidors

Humidor cabinets have provided greater benefits to the users. A few advantages are given below;

  • Humidor cabinets offer an ideal environment and control the temperature.
  • They maintain the humidity level.
  • They prevent mold from damaging and harming your cigar collection.
  • These cabinets offer more storage capacity to the hotels, lobbies, shops, and lounges.

Important Instructions

You can place your humidor cabinet anywhere you want, but it is recommended to keep them at the place where they get proper light, heat, and cool air. Please do not keep them near an air conditioner or a heater. Keep them away from your air conditioner and windows to keep your cigar collection fresh. Keep your humidor cabinet away from the cooking area as the smell and food will attract mold that damages the cigars badly. Do not keep your cabinet near a vibrating device. The vibrations coming out of your vibrating device can change the calibration and may harm your cigars permanently.

Final Words

Suppose you invest a huge amount of money in an expensive cigar collection for your restaurant or tobacco shop. In that case, you must carefully find a suitable humidor cabinet after much research. It is highly recommended that you request customization of your cabinet according to your requirements. Look for the best designs and quality material humidors for your space.

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