Wayne Season 2 Trailer, Release date, Cast and YouTube news

Wayne Season 2 Trailer, Release date, Cast and YouTube news

The Wayne Season 2, which was released on YouTube’s premium service has proven to be quite interesting for many people. Even though, since its release it hasn’t been able to make a mark among the blockbuster series even though the plot it holds is quite interest and captivating. This season has proven to be the ultimate underdog.

The series follows an angry teen named Wayne Season 2 (Mark McKenna) who embarks on a bloody road trip with his girlfriend Del (Ciara Bravo) in order to retrieve his dead father’s Pontiac Trans-Am. It’s a wild, profane ride that feels like someone put a John Green novel in a blender with “Dirty Harry” — and viewers loved it. The trouble was never a lack of fans. Instead, ” Wayne Season 2″ was left homeless after YouTube got out of the scripted originals game.

Then, in November 2020, “Wayne” got a second chance at life when Amazon Prime scooped up the streaming rights to Season Since then, more viewers have found Wayne and Dell’s jaw-dropping road trip adventure, and those same viewers are craving more.

Unfortunately, Amazon hasn’t officially renewed “Wayne” for a second season, but the show hasn’t been cancelled either. A good number of people have enjoyed this season however a good number of people have not enjoyed it either. Well, that is okay because people have preferences and perspectives and that is completely alright.

Wayne is a production which was not heavily spent on. However, still it has managed to captivate the minds of many people. Many are impressed by the graphics and the acting of the actors although the plot of the series is very mainstream.

This Wayne Season 2 series was added to Amazon prime on November 6, 2020. Unfortunately, this series was cancelled after the first season. This may be a really bad news for all the fans and all the people eagerly waiting for the next one.

And since the Wayne Season 2 has been cancelled, there isn’t going to a be a Wayne Season 2 either. This is a dark fantasy action that has managed to impressive several people with it’s plot and acting skills. For some people including us, the story happens to be quite mainstream and bland because there are many series and movies like these.

One can not however refrain from the fact that the directors and producers have done a great deal of work and effort in making something like this.


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Fans are however shattered because there isn’t going to be another season. For some people the series have proven to be spectacular and they all want a Wayne Season 2. Maybe with the passage of time, the season might be renewed for a sequel. The story revolves around teens. A boy named Wayne who embarks onto a journey regarding his father. The series is full of dark as well as action with some thrill.

Wayne Season 2 Trailer


A good combination for all those who prefer dark movies. The acting in the series is applaud able. The graphics and setting is good as well. The series has managed to make enough money. It is unfortunate that it has been cancelled. The reason behind the cancellation of the season remains unknown. But we hope that with the passage of time the season is renewed with amendments.

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