Top Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a New Job in Pune

New Job in Pune

Starting a new job in a new city like Pune is exciting and nerve wracking at the same time. You’re going to be thrown into a new ecosystem and you have to figure out how your new organization operates. And you’re doing your bit to settle down and get ready for this incredible opportunity.

You’ve searched for 1 BHK flats for rent in Pune, found a place close to your office and are all set for your first week on the job. Taking on new challenges and impressing your superiors are what you’re all about. But that medley of excitement and apprehension bubbling inside you can lead some faux pas in the office in your initial days in the organisation. And we want to help you avoid that and put your best foot forward. So, we’ve rounded up a list of the top mistakes that you should avoid when you start a new job in Pune. Check it out!

Don’t complain about your previous job

Think of starting a new job like starting a new relationship – the last thing you want is to bring up the ex. And this is a mistake that many newcomers tend to make. You might think that talking about your previous role in a derogatory way is only going to show your new gig in a better life, but that’s not true. Badmouthing your previous organisation or boss is not going to do you any favours. It will only add fuel to the office gossip and colour your new coworker’s impression of you. You don’t want to be known as the person who’s always complaining from the first week itself, and you definitely don’t want your colleagues to avoid you or worry about how you’ll talk about them.

Don’t alienate your coworkers

We get it. These days organisations can be really competitive. And if you’re in the race to getting the big break you’ve been waiting for, it can be tempting to forget everyone else and put your nose to the grindstone. But as someone who’s new to the organisation, pushing yourself to success at the risk of ignoring your colleagues will make you come across as standoffish and arrogant. You don’t want to get the reputation of not being a team player either. So, instead of alienating your coworkers, make an effort to be polite and accept offers of help. This will help you form bonds in the office and make your work life easier too.

Don’t assume anything

This is not just a tip for the office but a great rule of thumb to live by. And it’s specifically important when you’re starting a new job. Your contract will have most of the details you need about the terms of your employment. But a lot of the day-to-day specifics are things that you’ll only learn by doing. So, it’s best not to assume anything before you’ve confirmed the details. Speak to an HR representative about your working hours, how attendance is clocked, the leave-taking protocol, as well as any project-specific procedures that you’re expected to follow. Even if you’ve had a similar role in the past, there’s no guarantee that each organisation is going to follow the same set of rules, and it’s always better to ask and clarify your doubts beforehand.

Don’t overshare

One of the most basic mistakes that people make after joining a new organisation is oversharing. You might think that talking a lot about yourself will endear you to your coworkers and make it easier for you to make friends but that’s not really the case. Especially if you’re tempted to discuss controversial subjects like religion or politics, share confidential or private information about your life, or make crass comments about how your salary measures up against your Pune house rent for a 1BHK, you should think twice before saying so in the office. Instead of oversharing, stick to neutral topics of conversation, especially in your first few weeks in the organisation, as you’re not sure who you can trust not to gossip.

Don’t turn down opportunities

And the last thing to remember when you start a new job is that you don’t really know everything. Even if you’ve had a similar role in the past, you should never turn down opportunities for learning new things. If your new organisation wants to provide you with training or mentorship, it makes sense for you to accept so that you can learn how things are done there. And don’t turn down social opportunities either. If there are informal meetups or office parties that are happening, try to accept invitations. It’s a great way to get to know your colleagues better.

In general, make sure that you’re being courteous and respectful when you’re starting a new job in Pune. Treat it as an opportunity for you to learn and go in with an open mind. You’ll be just fine.

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