Theca: The First Blockchain Library


Theca is revolutionizing the literary industry as it builds the first-ever blockchain library. It ensures the protection and simplification of copyright literary works. Theca is a decentralized project designed to promote literary works and ensure their spread across a wide community controlled by authors.

With Theca , there is guaranteed protection of all literary works. It offers a unique platform to bring developers, investors, readers, publishers, and authors together with the sole aim of promoting the growth of the literary world. Furthermore, Theca enhances authors’ monetization potential since every transaction can be tracked via a single token.

Why is Theca unique?

Theca utilizes innovative and highly secure blockchain technology to create a platform that bridges the socio-cultural, racial, and religious gap of literary enthusiasts worldwide. With Theca, there is no need for an intermediary to interface with readers or publishers as every author has the freedom to monetize their literary work as they desire fully.

Theca is a people-oriented platform that makes literary work accessible to individuals while protecting writers’ copyrights. It believes that revolutionary growth in the literary industry can only be achieved if there is a centralized literary database where literary works can be easily accessed. The right credit is given to authors.


    Theca has also provided an effective solution to information theft and unauthorized literary works using the “Smart Contract” technology. As the first blockchain library, Theca is committed to ensuring that authors reap the fruit of the time spent in creating literary masterpieces. It also provides an avenue for aspiring writers and readers to find relevant materials that can help them achieve literary excellence and monetary gratifications.

    Theca alleviates the complexities involved in publishing literary work and the limitations of censorship by creating a literary community that is hinged on trust with a high sense of security. As a result, Theca enhances monetization for authors and promotes greater visibility by providing a platform with a fast-growing community that can be accessed globally.

    Theca’s use of the innovative peer-to-peer system and the highly secure blockchain technology in the advancement and protection of literary works across all races, continents, and geographical locations has placed us in the zenith of top literary crusaders. Many great literary works have been lost and have no records in history, and some available ones failed to give monetary and honorary credit to the real authors. Theca has an efficient archive system where every literary work is stored, and each author is given the recognition they deserve.

Join the Theca Community Today

Are you an author, a publisher, or a literary enthusiast?

Embrace Theca today and enjoy a new world of accessing and providing high-quality literary works. Be part of the Theca community, a secure and accessible platform where literary works can be accessed, protected, and monetized using blockchain technology.

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