How To Gain Instagram Followers Organically Using Videos

Instagram Followers

Can you really find organic followers anymore? Instagram used to be a great way to show off your brand’s visuals and connect with your audience, but it is no longer simply a social network; today, Instagram ads are considered an essential tool for marketers in the same way that Facebook and Twitter Ads are. Because of its growing status as an advertising platform, brands now use Instagram not only to promote their products but also to gain larger follower bases. Millions of people around the world use Instagram daily for fashion, sports news, celebrity gossip, and pictures of their favorite food!

Growing your Instagram followers is a necessary task if you are trying to achieve your business’s goals on this platform. As a newcomer to Instagram marketing, if you still aren’t sure if spending your money will benefit you or not, then this blog post is precisely what you need to read next!

7 Proven Steps to Organically Increase Your Instagram Followers

Make Fascinating Content

Instagram users are avid sharers and commenters. If you want to start a viral campaign, there is no best way to do it – or at least in the conventional sense – than by regularly uploading to Instagram. Videos tend to draw more attention than pictures, so try hawking your product through videos! You can create your own DIY video using an Instagram video editor, which provides you with a full suite of video marketing tools with which to work. You know what this means! Meowing into a microphone and then uploading it might just do the trick!

Be sure that the content shared reflects well upon your brand (and don’t overdo it!) while also being relevant enough to impress your target audience. Use relevant hashtags and promote yourself wisely in order to get those likes.

Schedule your content

For your content to be seen, you need to schedule social media postings that are designed around specific times and days of the week. It’s a good idea not to post too often; however, it is best for you to post when more users are likely to see your content.

The key is doing what feels comfortable for you as long as there is enough time in between each posting so that your posts have time to get the proper amount of attention they deserve.

Engage with your audience

Constantly engaging with your audience is extremely helpful. Once you post, users will begin to like and comment on your page, which makes a huge difference in those key areas of engagement.

In order to really make waves on social media, you have to be active. If a user comments on one of your posts, try to get back to them as soon as possible. Not only does it show customers that their opinion matters but reaching out builds relationships with potential fans, which essentially will help turn them into paying customers.


Hashtags are without a doubt one of the most important aspects of achieving viral exposure on Instagram. There are many followers and your target demographic who will most likely never follow you on a social platform but if they see something that catches their eye by using hashtags, then they might just become a follower. However, it’s not as easy it sounds to do this as many people make it out to be.

For example, choosing several hashtags that convey your overall message can do wonders only if you do not repeat them over and over again in every post which makes your account look like one big advertising platform. This is a very bad idea because nobody likes random advertisements on their social media feed.

Make a list of all of your competitors within your industry

Put together a list of all your competitors in the same industry and the major clientele you want to deal with. For instance, if you’re a blogger or Instagram Followers owner in the food industry, check out how restaurants and other Instagram Followers that speak to the same people are engaging them (and hopefully giving them what they want). How often do they post? What sort of competition exists for your followers? While it might be good to have some healthy competition, you need to know who your competitors are so you can make unique content to build your own brand.

Don’t Do Over-advertising

You can never go wrong with a balance of images and the occasional advertisement. Advertising for your company is of course expected but when it accounts for the majority of your content, it shows that you don’t have much else to say or share with your followers.

If you want to stay relevant and be taken seriously as a brand, alternate your advertisements with photos from actual customers that are using your products so they feel connected. Incorporate a few nice graphics throughout; however, not too many because consumers get impatient on social media looking at huge blocks of copy without any graphics.

Leverage the Impact of Celebrity Giveaways

Celebrity endorsements have been shown to be an incredibly effective way of acquiring new followers and customers. They’ve risen in popularity due to their success and it’s easy to see why these types of campaigns are so successful. People trust celebrities and when one endorses a certain brand in this way, one is essentially automatically giving the brand credibility and recognition from a respected source – i.e., someone whom your target audience holds in high esteem.


Growing a massive Instagram Followers the organic way can take a lot of work. But don’t get discouraged; taking the slow route will pay off more in the long run! It’s important to remember that every customer is unique and that you may hit some bumps along the way. Just keep in mind: just because one wants millions of followers overnight doesn’t mean it’s possible. The best way to go about it is by constantly posting relevant and creative content – which will eventually lead to mass popularity if done correctly.

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