The Ultimate Guide to Remote Transcription Jobs


Transcription is the process of listening to audio or video-recorded files and converting them into written text. It involves copying the words down verbatim into a digital file that can be stored and searched. While it may seem like an easy task, this is far from the truth. It is a complex process that requires specific skills like typing, language, and listening skills. It would help if you also had specific equipment for successful and accurate transcription. For this reason, there are professional transcription service providers.

Transcription jobs are great because they do not have too many requirements. All you need is to complete a short course or have some experience, gather the right tools, and search for jobs. However, if you wish to specify a specific category, you must meet some training and academic requirements. Another good thing about transcription jobs is the availability of work.

Remote transcription jobs

The demand for transcription services has increased significantly in recent years. As the demand increases, the internet avails remote transcription jobs. This means that you can provide professional transcription services from anywhere. All you need is an active internet connection, headphones, and a keyboard. Clients can send audio files to you remotely to provide your services.

Payment for remote transcription jobs

The payments usually depend on the length of the audio files. Therefore, longer files usually charge more than shorter ones. For this reason, being quick and accurate will help you earn good money in this field. However, the payment may also differ depending on the client and the field of specialization.

Specialization fields for remote transcription

Before working remotely as a transcription service provider, you need to understand the available fields. You can become a general transcriptionist or a specified one. As a general transcriptionist, you would have to tackle jobs in various fields. On the other hand, you can specialize in a particular area as a specialist. Below are the core specialization fields for transcription;

Law enforcement or legal transcription

In this field, you will be required to transcribe interviews between suspects or witnesses and law enforcement officers, police department meetings, personal conversations required for investigations, court proceedings, and other files. You can get this job from the police department, legal organizations, or firms. The challenge with this area of specialization is that you need at least an associate degree or certificate in law. This is because of the jargon and requirements, especially when transcribing court proceedings. Therefore, if you are a law student or graduate and do not have work yet, you can try remote law transcription.

Medical transcription

Like law transcription, this field of specialization requires some training or academic knowledge in medicine. This way, you know medical terminology and health information and understand the technical terms when transcribing medical records. Medical transcription involves converting voice notes from doctors, nurses, medical professionals, or client interviews into clean and accurate digital text. The text needs to be able to be stored, reviewed, and saved.

This is a popular field because many medical professionals, like doctors, prefer to dictate records and reports to remain focused on patients. But unfortunately, writing or typing records also takes a lot of time and effort.

Transcription jobs in this field also require some years of experience. Having experience working in a health facility would especially be handy.


Transcription jobs are also quite popular in the journalism field. Professionals in this field often collect copious amounts of audio files from interviews, live voice note recordings, and various resources. This information needs to be transcribed to allow better processing and storage. Podcast journalists also need professional transcription services to convert their recordings into files they can share with audiences and other professionals.

Where can you get remote transcription jobs?

The best place to get these jobs is online. There are numerous online platforms where you can search and apply for remote transcription jobs. The jobs are usually categorized depending on the required skills and language. For instance, you can get an English or Chinese transcription job.

Besides searching the internet for jobs, you can increase your chances of getting the jobs by having a professional resume highlighting your transcription skills. Of course, you also need to practice and sharpen your skills to stand out in the pool.

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