Interview with our Special Guest Author Matthius Hanna

Matthius Hanna

1. Who is Matthius Hanna, and what does he do?

Hi take a name inside here I am Matthius Hanna, a sales and digital marketing specialist and life coach. I am the founder and CEO of MH Enterprise, and through our organization, I help business enterprises and people move out of their comfort zone and befriend or deal with their fear of rejection. The worst thing in life is locking yourself in prison of virtual limits and self-set fears and insecurities.

2. Who were you before you did what you do now?

I grew up as a reserved, introverted boy struggling with self-confidence and insecurities- I was afraid of being in the presence of other people, especially many strangers, and even worse, talking to strangers, let alone mingle. Back then, I always sent friends or my mother ahead to do things for me, for example, phoning the authorities or something similar. I overcame those fears, using my horrific experience to save people in similar situations and even convert confidence and courage into business prowess.

3. Why do you do what you do?

I want to help people gain confidence and courage despite their unique insecurities and fears. The most important thing in a mentor like me is what I know and how much I care about my clients. It’s always good to be the change you want, so I am doing it one person and organization at a time. I love it when viewers of my videos or coachees tell me how cool they think what I do and how valuable it is for their future. I am a caring mentor, and I don’t just take pride in my success, but I feel joy in my progress and that of my clients-celebrating our growth together.

4. What is success for you?

Success is a relative and difficult term to define. For me, success is doing what I want to do. I love to live in complete freedom, i.e., without constraints, fears, or inner blockages. Since we only have a life, we should not waste it and be clear about what we want and don’t want. This clarity leads to authentic and long-term success. Doing what we love and with people who care about us is the ultimate success. 

5. What were your steps to success?

Success is not achieved in a blink of an eye. It is a product of our habits and routine. Our life experience and our everyday decision cumulatively determine our success, just as I outline my success story below:

-At a young age and early adulthood, I was very dissatisfied and hated my life.

-I knew I had to change something and started to actively challenge myself.

-I started to work a lot on myself and gained courage and confidence, thus creating a better version of myself.

Later, I passed on this knowledge to friends, saw their transformation, and believed I could do the same to others.

-I was brave and started to establish myself as a coach because I was willing to be a role model to others.

6. What is the key to success for you?

Two components are crucial for success. One is clarity about what is important to me in life; thus, I give it the priority and focus it deserves. And secondly is the ability to take full responsibility for everything in life, no matter how negative or positive. I noticed that many people don’t know what they want. If they then know, they take no responsibility, so it cannot fail. Once someone knows what they want, they will consistently work on it, learn, fail and unlearn and eventually, they will succeed. 

7. What does your standard daily routine (work habits) look like?

I wake up at 7:30 in the morning, make myself a protein shake and go to the gym. My body, specifically the brain is the powerhouse driving everything around me; thus, I prioritize my health and fitness. Then I sit down to write down my goals and what I am thankful for in my life. When all this is done, I start to structure my everyday work and work on the most important things. Having a daily plan helps me stay organized and avoid distractions in my busy schedule. I also allocate one hour every day before I sleep to reflect on my daily goals and whether I achieved them or not. We are a product of our daily routine; always make your routine as productive as possible.

8. What do you recommend others to be as successful as you are?

Everyone is a success story that awaits the right triggers to unlock their hidden potential.

First of all, I don’t recommend that you go to a motivational seminar every week, constantly listening to others, being told what’s good and what’s bad.

Instead, they should get clarity and make decisions. Then they’ll see that they’ll get further than trying new things all the time and letting everyone dictate what’s right and wrong. Donald Trump once said: If you want to get rich, you have to learn to say NO to many things. For one to become successful, you have to say NO to the bad habits and get the confidence and courage to learn productive habits.

9. If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

I would stop all wars in this world. We cannot fight fire with fire. We cannot illuminate the darkness with darkness. If our humanity understood this, we would be much closer to this wish than we are now. Peace and love are all the world needs for sustainability. Instead of funding wars, we should strive to spread peace and love worldwide and make it a virtual village thanks to the rapidly developing communication technologies. 

About Author

Matthius Hanna- Founder and CEO at MH Enterprises & The Way of Business TV . Matthius Hanna is an experienced expert in financial sales, and digital marketing is famously known for his highly sold “100 Day Challenge”, developed in 2016 that equips entrepreneurs with the courage to overcome their comfort zone. MH Enterprises has successfully built and continues to mentor companies and customers on digital marketing and solve the customer acquisition problem, thus consequently boosting sales.

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