The most strong IPL Cricketer – who is the real Indian Premier League king

IPL Cricketer

Cricket is one of the best disciplines for online betting. But only the bettors who spend enough time on forecasting and cricket rules learning will be successful in this sphere. You need to learn not only the rules but also the tournament’s regulations and the players’ history. Also, read the information on this page to know who is real king of IPL. There are a few famous athletes who are considered the best players in the IPL for the last few years. For sure in the nearest future, we will see some new players who also become the most expensive in this league. But till that time we can only read the information about the athletes who are already TOP-rated cricket players. You will find some interesting facts about them on this page below.

According to the IPL rules, every year held a special auction during which all the free players look for a new club for the contract signing. In cricket, all the players choose the basic price by themselves so there are no agents or huge mediation teams. The contract will be signed with the club that will offer the best price.

Also, remember that not only the Cricketers can be the kings of the Indian Premier League. For example among the teams, the Mumbai Indians club is the real king. This team is the leader of the IPL with the 5 trophies. And all of that winnings were gained under the captaincy of Rohit Sharma (you will find some more information about him below on this page).

The strongest cricket player in IPL history – who is NO.1?

So who is the king of the Indian Premier League? For sure it’s Virat Kohli with the highest on the run-scorers. Also, this player is the only one in the whole IPL history who had hit 6,000 runs. That’s the real record that no one beat yet. But even these results are not the only achievements for the whole player’s career. Virat Kohli is famous also because of the whole number of runs that he could make in one season. At the same time his team – RCB still has not a single winning in the IPL championship.

Many IPL fans also refer to other players as the Kings of the league. For example, MS Dhoni who was the Chennai Super Kings captain since 2008. For that long time player become one of the most famous not only in India but in the whole world also. He is the only PRO cricket level player in the Indian Premier League who has been captain for more than 14 years. Under his captaincy, the team won three IPL championships and made it to the playoffs that they played.

But even that list would be finished without the Rohit Sharma. This player won 6 IPL Trophies and was awarded in 3 different countries. The whole number of his IPL Finals as the Captain of the Mumbai Indians is five. Also, this cricketer is the one who’s been the Emerging player for the Award winner.

Do you want to know more famous names in the IPL? So read the information about the Suresh Raina who is also the record holder (because of the most runs played in the Indian Premier League).

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