The Italian Tennis Player with a Funny Name

Italian Tennis Player

Some tennis players leave a mark due to their incredible talent. The 1xBet company offering football betting also provides excellent wagers on the best tennis players from all over the world.

However, there are other names that are remembered for being highly controversial. A few of them are even banned from the game because of scandals. Italian former player Potito Starace ticks all those boxes, and he also happens to have a funny name. The 1xBet company is offering football and tennis betting opportunities, where hundreds of events are available at any one time.

Little “rear”

Starace played professional tennis between the years 2001 and 2015. He was actually quite good when playing on clay courts. However, most of his achievements were overshadowed by the scandals that stained his career. At 1xBet don’t guess what the future will be like; instead, create it by making bets on lots of tennis matches and players.

As a fun fact, Potito means “little ass” in Latin American Spanish. The Italian played plenty of tournaments in Latin American countries. For this reason, plenty of jokers were made about him while he was in that part of the world.

The biggest achievements in the career of Potito Starace include:

  • winning six doubles titles;
  • reaching the 27th place of the ATP singles ranking;
  • and also reaching the semi finals of the French Open in doubles.

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Scandals and ban from the game

Potito Starace’s career didn’t end because he was no longer physically able to continue playing. Instead, he was banned from the game due to suspicious behavior during tennis matches. Fellow Italian tennis player Alessio di Mauro was banned for nine months from the game in November 2007. Of course, most players have amazing careers, and it is possible to wager on them through the website.

After further investigation, it was discovered that Starace was also involved in suspicious schemes. He and another Italian player, Daniele Bracciali got bans and fines as a result of this investigation. Yet, as investigations continued, the Italian Tennis Federation decided to ban both Starace and Bracciali for life. That’s how the career of Potito “little ass” Starace ended. The best odds for wagering on tennis matches from all over the world can always be explored through the 1xBet online bookmaker.

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