The Essential Features Of CCNA CCNP And CCIE


With the enhanced technology and growing field of science now, it has become more essential for the young generation, especially students, to learn more IT skills. Cisco is a renowned IT-based company that provides various IT certifications through its versatile and well-equipped networking certification. Students who know networking and wish to enhance their skills add this prestigious certification from CISCO. There are different certifications under CISCO so let’s further understand them specifically.

CCNA and Its Features

Cisco Certified Network Associate is the full form of CCNA, and it is an enhanced networking certification for people in the field. It is also known as the beginner’s course. The main feature of this certification is that it enables the students to learn their skills in troubleshooting, end-to-end networking, and even installation of different software. With time, the CCNA exams have been more advanced, adding new course materials with a better understanding for the students and sharpening their skills in the past few years. The 350-401 exam questions are essential for this network certification. This certification exam covers all the courses of Cisco and the different certifications it provides. It was started by ENCORE (Enterprise Network Core Technologies), known to be the best in the market for holding such a vast course of study materials for network students.

CCNP and Its Features

More commonly known as Cisco Certified Network Professional certification or CCNP is another Cisco certified network professional course. It is specifically designed for those IT students or professionals with a minimum experience of a year or two in some other networking professional course. Here a high school diploma is required to clear the entrance test. Further, the CCNP helps the students enhance and understand the CISCO networking system and its effect on the IT industry or environment. So basically, it is the second level Cisco certification for experienced network professionals or students.

CCIE and Its features

Cisco certified Internetwork Certified or the CCIE is another Cisco certification that is a basic certification for networking designed specifically to understand the depth and affluence of the networking world. The topics are generalized, yet this basic certification is the core for the CCN, CCNPP, and other Cisco certifications like the CCDE or Cisco Certified Design Expert. Cisco started this certification to recognize the internet experts in the networking industry and enhance their in-depth knowledge and assistance skills. The 350-401 exam questions also cover the syllabus for the CCIE is a vast arena. This basic certification course seems to be easy. Still, it needs clarity and specific internet skills to advance in the networking field, which is a potential arena for the IT sector. With passing the time and years and still, this certification course is revised and enhanced with the rising procuring needs of the IT industry in today’s competitive world of work online and further polishing of skills.


The three mentioned certifications from Cisco are known to be the best in the networking field. Many MNC companies prefer their employees to go through these courses to understand the network program better and enhance their skills for better performance and stability.

It cannot be denied that with the regular revision and course up-gradation, these certifications are becoming more interesting and also challenging with the niche touch of excellence to them. The professionals who go through this course are known to be the best in the industry. They get perfectly trained both in practical understanding and in-depth theoretical enhancement.

It would be not just to say that these are general networking certifications, as they promise to give the best networking professionals to the IT world, which is a boom or blessing as today networking is a wide arena in the IT sector with many different companies to use the virtual world for different business and professional upliftment.

So it is for sure that with the given information now, a networking professional would understand the simple way of the different Cisco high-end certifications and their actual usage for the network program. And the three different courses can be specialized with better understanding and deep study with the help of the Cisco experts who have their own tutorial sessions.

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