The Complete Laptop Buying Guide for Business Students

The Complete Laptop Buying Guide for Business Students

Laptops for business students need more than a few basic features to complete the numerous tasks they undertake. The computer should be durable, strong, and portable enough to endure the movement and traveling from one area to another.

Are you looking for the best laptop for business students? Business study and MBA degrees have special guidelines and recommendations. This is why business students need to work on large excel sheets, take notes in class, and access Microsoft Office while also researching different subjects on their laptops.

On top of all these features, the student should also consider their budget and the quality of the laptop they are looking for. If you’re wondering which is the best laptop for business students, you’re in luck. In this article, Master Computer provides a guide to help you purchase the best laptop for you or your loved one.

The Portability of the Laptop

We all know that business students and entrepreneurs like to move from one place to another. We have all met a lady or a guy in a clean and well-pressed, expensive suit at the airport, busy on their sleek laptop working as they wait to board the plane. For business students, a portable laptop is an essential aspect of their school lives.

Working on your assignment or handling other important business doesn’t only occur at your house or school. This is why portability is essential in a business laptop. Therefore, it’s essential to look for a light, sleek, and thin laptop that you can carry from one place to another.

However, ensure that the design you choose isn’t very fragile. Fragile laptops are prone to damage if mishandled. While you can purchase a protective case, it’s advisable to go for a laptop designed for movement and traveling.

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The Battery Life

Good laptops for business students or business professionals should have excellent battery life. As a student, you can’t expect a power outlet everywhere you go. Moreover, no one wants to worry about finding an electric outlet in an airport, café, or even when taking a train.

You probably have too much on your plate, and hunting for an outlet will take up your time for more productive things. When looking for the right laptop, ensure you settle for one with long battery life to last you a day. You don’t want your computer turning off in the middle of an important task or a presentation.

The Performance

When looking for the best laptop for business students, performance is an essential component to consider. However, the type of performance you need will vary from student to student. For creative professionals, integrated graphics could be unworkable.

However, this is more than enough for a business student running PowerPoint or QuickBooks on their laptop. You will also need an 8GB RAM laptop or more. It’s also advisable to go for a computer with a Windows 10 Professional Edition OS (Operating System) or the latest macOS if you like Apple laptops.

Screen Resolution

A laptop’s screen resolution is also another important thing to keep in mind during your research. People working in video production and graphic design should get the highest resolution possible based on their budgets. However, business students don’t need the highest resolution laptop.  

Good quality screen resolution ensures that you have an improved experience when completing your business school tasks. Having a screen with a good resolution that’s good to look at could mean the difference between high productivity and performing your worst. 

You should also consider whether you prefer a touchscreen laptop or not. While buying a touchscreen laptop is convenient and functional, it’s easy for the screen to become smudged or break.

Replacing a broken touch screen on your computer is also quite expensive. Additionally, touch screen computers are more costly than standard laptops.

The Size and Weight of the Laptop

A laptop’s size and weight are also essential factors considering that you will be moving around with it. A heavy laptop with bulky parts can become a significant inconvenience for any business student, primarily if used daily. You wouldn’t want to be late for class because your laptop is too heavy and weighing you down.

While the right laptop size and weight will vary from one person to the other, you should settle for a laptop that you’re comfortable carrying around with you. The size is also an essential factor because it determines the screen size of the computer.

Some students prefer larger screens, while others don’t. However, you should determine whether it’s worth it to sacrifice the screen size for increased transportability.

The Operating System

It’s no surprise that the operating system of the laptop you choose is an essential consideration.

As a business student, you should consider which operating system is best for the programs you want to run on your computer. For instance, if you prefer Windows computers and run programs that are only compatible with Windows devices, it’s only feasible to buy a Windows device.

Buying a MacBook or a MacOS device means having an intuitive user experience without the ability to run your Windows programs. However, there are steps you can take to run windows programs on a macOS laptop.

If you’re not worried about the extra steps, then you can always go for a macOS. Additionally, if you’re not concerned about the operating system, it’s advisable to go for the most functional one. Otherwise, ensure that the laptop you purchase can handle all the required software programs you need it for.

The Laptop’s Specs

When considering the laptop’s specs, you should think about the type of programs you need to run on it. If the programs require a lot of processing power, consider buying a more powerful machine. For business students, it’s best to purchase a laptop with 8GB RAM and above.

This is a significant processing power to handle all the business software tools, note-taking, and editing programs. However, if you use your laptop for other functions, such as editing your YouTube videos or playing video games, you may need even more processing power and RAM.

Buying a laptop with less RAM than you need will lead to frequent slowdowns. However, be careful when purchasing laptops with higher processing power. Research more about the model and check whether the computer can handle a lot of heat.

In most cases, laptops with a higher processing power often overheat after running for long periods, making them more prone to wear and tear.

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The Price of the Laptop  

How much is your budget for the laptop? The price will dictate many things, such as the options you have, the specs, and the type of laptop you buy. However, most people don’t have a pre-set budget when looking for a computer.  

Before calculating and setting your budget, you need to consider the value your new laptop will bring to your school life. You should also check the functionality of the new laptop, its specs, and the market prices.

The best laptop for business school should help you increase your productivity and make it easier to take your classes. Unfortunately, you can’t place a value on productivity. But keep in mind that the more expensive a laptop is, the better the quality and functionality.

If you need a laptop for everyday school work and other additional activities, it’s justified to go for a more expensive model with higher processing power and better specs. But if you want a computer for basic everyday tasks, you can purchase a less expensive model to satisfy these obligations.

Intel Evo Standards

Have you checked the internet lately to shop for laptops? If you have, you’ve probably seen the Intel Evo badge on several laptops. So what is Intel Evo?

Intel Evo is a platform that promises buyers an exceptional user experience when purchasing and using a laptop. Lenovo and Intel have partnered to bring their customers an exciting line-up of beautifully designed and premium, Evo-based laptops to keep up with today’s fast-paced lifestyle.

Check out this new Evo line if you’re looking for the best Lenovo laptop for business students. It offers some of the best Lenovo laptops, with a sleek and thin design. These laptops also come with extremely high processing speed, battery life, and high graphics performance and deliver a verified real-world performance.

Are You Ready to Purchase the Best Laptop for Business Students?

Buying a new laptop is not an easy process. There are numerous factors to consider, such as the price, processing power, screen display, specs, the Operating System, and the size or weight of the laptop.

The best laptop for business students should offer a seamless experience with long battery life at an affordable price. It should also be portable enough to carry it with you to and from class.

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