What Drone Should You Buy? The Ultimate Drone Buying Guide

Drone Buying Guide

So, you want to get your feet wet in the drone buying guide world? Or perhaps you want to replace your current drone. Either way, you must buy the right drone for the ultimate flying experience.

Today, there are more than 800000 drones registered in the US. When buying a drone, you are not limited to options. Whether for leisure flying, or professional use, rest assured to find the perfect drone for you.

But not every drone can meet your specific needs. And with a myriad of options, you need a drone buying guide to navigate your way through.

Imagine buying a professional photography drone to learn basic flying skills crashing it on the very first flight. That’s not definitely what you want, is it? Before you start shopping for a drone, be clear-headed about the different drone types, features, and design purposes.

Are you wondering what to check for when buying your next drone? Well, you landed on the right page; here is a guide to buying the perfect drone.

Learn About Different Types of Drones

Before choosing the drone, you are about to buy, learn the distinguishing features and why all drones are different. Each drone is designed with a particular purpose in mind, and their prices also differ.

Know the features you need, whether you want one for aerial acrobatics, aerial filming, or a racing drone with FPV (first-person-view). While many drones are multipurpose, there are some better at certain tasks compared to others.

Also, know your level of skills before deciding on the drone to buy. A professional drone is not ideal for a beginner. Some machines require flying experience and skills, and if getting started, you want to avoid them.

You can narrow down the multiple options to a drone that meets your intended purpose by knowing your limits. When shopping for a drone, here are some of the common terms you may come across;

RTF (Ready to Fly)

As the name suggests, RTF are the easiest types of drones to fly. They are ideal for beginners as they come with everything needed to fly. They offer convenience, and you don’t have to assemble a lot of parts to start flying.

However, you may still need to do simple assembling to get started. This includes charging the batteries or attaching the blades, and you’ll be good to go. If searching for a perfect drone for your kid, always consult a budget drone buying guide to know the best option.

BNF (Bind and Fly)

BNF drones come short of a transmitter, and you’ll need to buy one separately or use the one you have. While it might sound simple, it’s not.

Some drones require a specific transmitter to function. Also, while your transmitter works on the same frequency as your drone, they may not bind. Both the receiver and transmitter must use a similar protocol to communicate and work properly.

These types of drones are ideal for advanced users looking to upgrade their current machines.

ARF (Almost Ready to Fly)

If getting started, you might want to steer clear of these drones. While the name might suggest otherwise, these drones are complicated.

Ideal for drone racers, ARF drones require a lot of assemblies and can be very tricky. They have a high degree of customization to allow users to tune them for performance.

Consider Certain Features

Drones come in a wide range of different features, depending on what they are used for. This is a huge factor determining the best drone to buy.

If shopping a drone for a specific purpose, ensure it has features for the intended purpose. However, don’t do away with other features. At times, the primary feature you need requires additional features to function properly.

For instance, if buying a professional photography drone, you are likely to focus on camera quality and resolution. However, the stability and battery capacity of the drone impacts the quality of images and how long you can use them.

Also, you might think of some features as useless, only for them to become your favorite thing. Some of the key feature to consider when buying a drone include;

Range of Drone

This refers to how far you can fly the drone from the transmitter. For an ultimate flying experience, consider drones that fly far from the transmitter.

While cheap models have a range of about 30 meters, high-end ones can travel for miles maintaining contact with the transmitter. You may need to check out different brands online for more information about the range.

If buying a drone for aerial filming or photography, the range is one of the utmost considerations. You want a drone that can reach places where you can’t and take excellent photos. However, if buying a drone for recreational flying, then a long-range drone might not be an important consideration.

Flying Time

How long do you want your next drone to remain airborne? A battery powers a drone, and its capacity determines the drone’s flying time. Some drones will remain airborne for just five minutes, while others can fly for more than thirty minutes.

Again, depending on your intended purpose, the flying time matters. Also, it’s a wise idea to purchase an extra battery to double your flight time.

Check on Camera

For most people, the main reason for buying a drone is to get an aerial view. In supporting this, most drones come with an in-built camera or support external camera mounting. A camera drone buying guide can help you determine your options when buying a photography drone.

When purchasing a drone with a camera, these are certain things to check on. These include aperture, image stabilization, camera specs, shutter speed, and frame rate. These greatly affect the quality of footage or image you can capture.

Use This Drone Buying Guide to Make the Right Purchase

In today’s world, drones have lots of use. Nonetheless, as a hobbyist or professional user, the key is finding the best drone to match your intended purpose. To make the right purchase, know exactly what to look for in a drone.

Above is a used drone buying guide to get you started.

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