Some Working Ways to Build Patience

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Patience is a trait of the human character, which not all members of modern society are endowed with. Some can tolerate humiliation and resentment and obey the whims of family members, while others behave in exactly the opposite way. According to the following authoritative article at, patience is the ability to endure difficulties, to make a decision in favor of obtaining a more valuable reward in the long run.

What is Patience?

The concept of “patience” has two interpretations. One is a positive trait of a person’s character, the second is the inability to withstand hardships. The essence of a good trait is the ability to calmly and reasonably overcome any hardships in life, without hysterics. It is associated with strong-willed people who are able to wait without losing hope of achieving their goals. They achieve success in life and invest in trusted online casinos and believe in their financial victory. They feel more confident compared to the members of society who are nervous and throw tantrums at the slightest violation of their plans. People with high levels of patience feel better mentally and physically.

Patience as a negative trait of character is a weakness that a person manifests in relation to those who cause him/her pain and suffering. If there is aggression from a relative or colleague, he or she will endure humiliation, concealing resentment. Such people are completely submissive to the current problem and unable to show active action to solve it.

What Do the Major Religions of the World Say about Patience?

Every religious movement places an emphasis on patience. The table illustrates the religious views of patience.


Religion Views of patience
Judaism It is an important personal trait that helps believers find the strength to rid themselves of the evils inherent to physical life.
Christianity This is a valuable life virtue that can please the Lord. The Bible instructs Christians to be patient, not to respond with evil to evil, and to wait “as the farmer waits for the precious fruit from the soil.
Islam This is one of the important virtues. Joyous messages are promised to those who are patient.
Buddhism It is defined as the ability to control emotions in times of criticism or attack.
Hinduism It is considered alongside restraint as an important virtue of faith. It is believed to be a joyful endurance, the ability to wait and endure contradictory feelings – joy, sorrow, pain, pleasure, cold, and heat.


Patience is the Foundation of a Strong Family Bond

There are long and happy marriages where the partners have learned to be patient with each other. But this does not mean that the woman should immerse herself in the man’s life completely. The important point is a mutual desire to understand the problems and shortcomings of the partner and the possible oddities of his behavior. Patience in marriage should be healthy, rather than destroying the woman as a person. There is only one life, it is impossible to re-launch the reels as in free slot games with bonus spins, so you need to appreciate the relationship that you have managed to create during your life together. Here are some recommendations for a woman who wants to become more patient in her relationship with a man:

  • It is necessary to know all the positive and negative traits of your partner, and not to consider him only in terms of a sexual object.
  • Perfect people do not exist, you need to accept the shortcomings of men, so he could feel like himself being close to his loved one.
  • Be frank with your man. You can identify the problem and find a compromise solution to fix it only in a frank conversation.
  • Learn how to listen to your partner – this is great art. Every woman should strive to master it to perfection. You do not have to agree with your partner’s opinion but it is extremely important to listen.

Do not respond with aggression to a man who is throwing lightning bolts. You should try to control your emotions while he is letting out steam. For the man to finally calm down, take a walk in the park holding each other’s hands in silence.

How to Develop Patience? Effective Tips

Life is full of moments when patience seems to come to an end. They are present both in people of mature age and in adolescents. You need to learn how to manage your emotions, and some simple actions will help in this difficult task:

  • Slowly and silently count from 1 to 10 clearly stating each number.
  • Praise yourself for the result you have achieved. You were able to walk more than yesterday – treat yourself to a tasty fruit.
  • Learn to complete the started work to the final result. Do not stop halfway if you decide to teach your child to ride a bike or train your dog. Unfinished projects are a disadvantage that could have become an advantage if you had taken a little more time and patience.
  • Take up an activity that requires perseverance. A great option in this respect is puzzles or beadwork.
  • Enroll in yoga classes, meditate when you have the opportunity to do so, to hide your true emotions showing moderation in relation to your colleagues.
  • Consult a psychologist if you realize that in your situation you cannot do without professional help.

A good tool for developing patience is breathing exercises. Start by learning an easier exercise and practice to make it automatic. Then you can start another exercise and do it every morning. Eliminating impatience can be achieved through a thorough analysis of the situations where the person manifested weakness, and began to feel nervous and panicked. If possible, avoid such conditions where your aggression becomes apparent. Often the person cannot correct the situation, then he should accept everything as it is and, if possible, improve the circumstances.

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