Major Causes Of Jackknife Car Accidents In Atlanta

Jackknife Car Accidents

Jackknife car accidents are one of the most common types of accidents where the trailer of a huge semi-truck pushes the towing vehicle in front of it to one side. The situation is usually very scary for the vehicles surrounding the truck as it might roll across other lanes and collide with other vehicles in the path. These accidents are usually dangerous and lead to significant damages, severe injuries, and in the worst cases, even death. If one has faced a jackknife car accident in Atlanta, contacting a knowledgeable law firm should be the primary requirement after seeking medical treatment.

However, the best way to prevent such catastrophic accidents is to gain knowledge about the major causes and secure prevention beforehand. Here are all the main causes of jackknife car accidents:

Sharp Turns:

It becomes difficult for a semi-truck or a big truck to navigate a curvy road. Taking sharp turns eventually leads to the trailer swaying if the driver loses control. This is a common cause of jackknife car accidents.

Unexpected Braking:

Slamming on brakes is an imminent cause of a jackknife accident. This is because a truck and a car halt are not the same. Both would stop at different speeds. Therefore a sudden stopping might not be effective in the case of trucks and will eventually lead to accidents.

Negligence Of The Driver:

Overspeeding, fatigue, and distracted driving are some of the causes of jackknife accidents. In such cases, the driver, along with their trucking company, might be held responsible for the accident if it is found that the safety regulations were not followed by the driver properly.

Inappropriate Trailer Loading:

The amount of cargo loaded on the truck is measured by the gross vehicle weight rating. The truck should not carry more weight than what is prescribed. Moreover, the cargo loading must be done in a balanced manner so that the weight is evenly distributed. If this is not followed, accidents might occur due to disbalance. Moreover, the items in the truck should also remain properly secured so they don’t get loose and cause them to sway.

Poor Truck Maintenance:

The trucking company’s responsibility is to ensure a routine inspection of all the systems and parts of the vehicle. A failure in the proper maintenance program might lead to failure in the braking system resulting in accidents.

Final Thoughts:

In case of truck accidents, it is essential to contact an attorney who will negotiate well with the insurance adjusters or move forward to file a law suit. At the same time, the injured gets the time of recovery.

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