Sergio Giuseppe Ripa, Education, Social Media and Relationship

Sergio Giuseppe Ripa

Sergio Giuseppe was born on September 8, 1999. He was born in Camden, New Jersey, United States. He is a famous American guitarist and musician. His full name is Sergio Giuseppe Ripa and his nickname is Miracle Baby which was given to him by his mother. He has American nationality and by ethnicity, he is Irish/Italian. He is of white ethnicity and has the zodiac sign, Virgo. He has green eyes and brown hair and he likes to keep his hair long. His lucky number is 9. And also Sergio Giuseppe Ripa’s sexual orientation is straight. Many girls are attracted to him because of his personality. He is young and looks stunningly beautiful.

His mother called him miracle baby because he was born in a very difficult situation. His mom was 7 months pregnant when she had a ghastly motor accident. While she was driving an intoxicated driver crashed into her car and she sustained a broken pelvis and many other fractures. He was born premature and slipped into a coma. Her mother underwent several surgeries including leg surgery. He battled for his life and after four weeks he regained consciousness. After that Sergio Giuseppe Ripa’s mother started calling him a miracle baby and a magical child.

Early Education

There is no exact information about his early education and his childhood. He doesn’t have any siblings and also his father is unknown and people don’t know his name. According to some resources, his father is a police officer but he lives with his mother. It’s not confirmed whether he has attended any school for education or not. And if he has taken education it is not confirmed which kind of educational degree he has. He started playing guitar at a very young age and it is mostly thought that he has not taken any big degree and is busy doing his best in the music industry.

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He plays guitar very well and people like him a lot. He had a great fan following that is increasing day by day. No matter which kind of tune you want to listen to, he can play it all on his guitar. He is a man with many talents and has a big name. The 23-year-old guitar player is so passionate about his work and is on the line to touch the sky. He has a great passion and no matter what degree he has he will for sure become more famous and successful in his life as he has the guts to do this.

Sergio Giuseppe Ripa Mother

Sergio Giuseppe Ripa

Sergio Giuseppe Ripa’s mother is a famous lady in America. His mother, Linda Ripa, was born 1968 on December 3 in Camden, New Jersey. She is a multi-talented woman and has worked in many fields. Later on, she became a writer and she is mostly known for her book The Ladybug Blues. Both Linda Ripa and her son Sergio Giuseppe Ripa are very private and keep their personal life separate from work. They don’t like to share their personal life with people and that’s why people don’t know about Sergio Giuseppe Ripa’s father. No one knows what kind of relationship his mother and father had and whether they were married or not. They conceal details of their personal life which is no doubt a good thing.

She has worked in many fields including Expressions Modeling and Talent, CN8, ABC, New Media Productions, Philly 97, and NLP. She also appeared in Across America which is a show on ABC. Moreover, she also works as a model and host of a tv sports show.  Her worth is around $10 million US dollars.

Sergio Giuseppe Ripa Aunt

Sergio Giuseppe Ripa’s name is Kelly Ripa and she is a well-known and widely recognized American actress and talks show host. She is also a dancer and tv producer. She is the co-host of one of the most famous and popular morning talk shows “Live with Kelly and Ryan”. He and his aunt shared a close bond and often they posted their pictures together on Instagram. Many fans of Kelly Ripa thought that there is a huge resemblance between her nephew Sergio Giuseppe Ripa and her. She loves him a lot and supports him in every matter. Also, she has a close bond with her elder sister, Linda Ripa who is the mother of Sergio Giuseppe. Sergio Giuseppe Ripa’s grandparents are Joseph Ripa and Esther Ripa.

Her worth is $ 120 million US dollars. She gain fame in 1990 when she was featured in the soap opera All My. In addition, she also met her husband there named Mark Cousuelos.

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Sergio Giuseppe Ripa Social Media

In social media platforms, he is only on Instagram and he doesn’t use Facebook and Twitter. His Instagram username is @maanbarepigg. His aunt Kelly Ripa often wishes him on his birthdays and many of their pictures are seen together on his account. He has many followers on his Instagram account and over time they are even increasing. People like and admire him a lot as he is a young guitarist and musician. He plays the guitar very well and is becoming more famous day by day. Also, being the son of Linda Ripa has increased his popularity.

Relationship Status

Sergio Giuseppe Ripa is single and there is no information regarding his love of life. He had never shared any news regarding his girlfriend or love. It seems that he wants to concentrate on his career and is not in the mood for any relationship yet. He is living a single life nowadays and also he keeps his personal life separate from work. He doesn’t like to share his personal information with the public and is busy making his name big in the Showbiz industry like that of his mother and aunt. He is working hard and is trying to play the best guitar and music. People recognize him not only because of his mom and aunt but also because of his talent and work.

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