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Digital Signage

More often than not, employers underestimate the value of communication, despite the fact that it can be transformative for individuals, teams, and the business. Sharing information, ideas, and feelings is of the essence for the organisation’s success, so keep employees informed and engaged through regular and effective communication. The number of options for communicating has increased; what works for another organisation won’t work for another. At times, things don’t work for us because we don’t have the details. If you want to apply digital signage to the workplace, be patient enough to learn the required details of what you’re into – believe in success and work towards achieving it.

If you want to keep employees better informed about what’s going on in the company, here’s a comprehensive list of how digital signage can help.

Recognise Employee Accomplishments

Recognition reinforces the behaviours that drive excellence, so acknowledge staff members’ contributions. There’s no denying the fact that rewards and bonuses are good motivators, but having their work praised is what gets individuals going. Let employees know that you care by sharing their wins. This way, you’ll build a culture that attracts and retains top talent. Refocus the spotlight to let your people shine. You can celebrate employees’ birthdays and work anniversaries (you don’t need to lavish them with expensive gifts). A birthday cake is enough to enjoy a good time but make sure it’s accompanied by handwritten notes from the rest of the team.

Run A Teambuilding Quiz

Working in teams helps employees work on their leadership skills; before making decisions, it’s necessary to arrive at a consensus. Team building helps everyone relax and get to know one another. You can bring the people in your organisation closer together with a trivia quiz that tests their general knowledge about the company’s brand, history, personnel, and more. The most common question type is true/false, where a person has to select an answer to continue the video. With digital signage, you can insert questions at various stopping points, making your video instantly interactive. You can use the quiz to determine the team’s current conflict resolution skills or interpersonal style.

Share Workplace Safety Reminders

Communicate well and communicate regularly with employees about safety expectations, so they’re not at a disadvantage. The last thing you want is for staff members to fumble around trying to figure out what’s important. Digital signage can be used to keep employees in the loop about physical hazards (falls from height, machinery malfunction, electrical fires, etc.). you can create dynamic content to engage team members and keep them involved – text, images, video, social media, and much more. Most importantly, it’s easy to change messages, which is critical in fast-paced environments. By protecting employees, you can reduce absenteeism and ensure your workplace is efficient.

Offer Training Videos

If you include video in your training sessions, you can significantly increase the retention rate, which means that employees will actually remember what they’ve learned. There’s no need to make people move between their cubicles and training rooms if you have digital signage because the screen is placed at an angle to face viewers. With a single press of the button, you can display a training video on all your screens (in any office). Remember that the digital signage software must integrate with the hardware, i.e., the screens it’s displayed on. The Netpresenter platform is accompanied by well-written, detailed user manuals, not to mention that the tech support team is on call around the clock.

Create A social media Wall

A social media wall acts as a bridge between online and offline, collecting content from all over the place. The feed consists of posts from Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter displayed on digital signage. There are several apps dedicated to running social media walls, so you can easily collect and showcase your best posts using hashtags, keywords, and profiles. Staff members can keep up with topics they’re interested in, as they’re displayed at any time. Most importantly, don’t hesitate to involve employees in your strategy because it’s a good way to create a sense of community and connectedness in the workplace.

Welcome New Employees

So, you have a new employee on the team. You’ll want to make a good first impression of your company, so let your team know a few days before the person’s start date. Digital signage provides a powerful way to communicate the message across your organisation. Key details to include are the reason for the new hire, the new employee’s starting date and qualifications, and maybe their personal interests and hobbies. Taking a new role in an unfamiliar environment is hard for anyone; it’s like being the new kid at school. Send a welcome message with digital signage to connect them to the team and set the stage for success.

Encourage Healthy Behaviour and Wellness

Finally, yet importantly, you can leverage digital signage to encourage healthy behaviour and wellness. Training will encourage employees to adopt and maintain better lifestyles or at least learn about healthy alternatives. You can initiate staff members on what to do and what not to do with the help of the digital signage, so they know what choices affect their health. If you make available wellness-related perks, such as free apples in the breakroom or discount gym memberships, convey your message to the right people at the right time. Digital signage is like a billboard, so even if employees are in transit, they’ll still see it.


Face-to-face communication isn’t the only way to keep employees in the loop, so consider using various communication tools to keep your most important messages top of mind. Find a solution that doesn’t require too much training and isn’t complicated to install. For instance, digital signage allows simple updating and control, so day-to-day operation isn’t a technical challenge. The network can be as simple or as complicated as you like. When email isn’t enough, digital signage can deliver your targeted message to the right people, in the right way, at the same time. As you’ve been able to see, there are many ways it can be used as a communication tool in the office.

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