In the Dark season 2 Serial Review

In the Dark season 2 complete Review

One such series that we are going to talk about here is In the Dark season 2.  Netflix is the hub of all the amazing series and movies that one could ask for. From the comedy genre to the horror one, you get to find everything on Netflix. It has now been years that Netflix has been hyped for all the right reasons. This is because it is just the perfect thing to binge watch during holidays or free time.

Netflix is famous for creating series and movies that are absolutely great. The story and the setting of the movies are always very impressive for the viewers. A lot of the times the viewers are really captivated by the Netflix series. There is a huge number of series and movies available on Netflix and people just love it.

In the dark season 1

The first episode of the series was aired on December 1 2017. Since than the audience has literally gone crazy over it as the genre is really captivating and fulfilling. The first season revolved around two children who went missing in a small German town. Later, it’s sinful last is exposed and revealed with the four families who are searching for the kids. These days audience tends to really like sinister plots and content. In the Dark season 2 not only revolves a sinister plot but some amount of darkness as well. The series is an epitome dark adventure, thrill and horror.


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A perfect combination for any person to fall in love with the series. When the season first came out, it was seen that the audience had already fallen in love with it. And as soon as the first season ended. The audience crazily waited for the second season. The best part is that the season has a rating of 4.8.

This means the season is actually very good. The best way of keeping the audience entertained and hooked is to provide content that is satisfying and fulfilling. This is that season one can say that is not only good but perfect for binge watching. So many viewers have declared this as one of the best Netflix seasons that has ever existed even though it is in German.

In the Dark season 2

Now that the first season has ended, the audience is already crazily waiting for the second season. It took some time to come out but we think its definitely worth the wait!

Good news for all the fans and viewer! In the Dark season 2 finally has been renewed for a second season. The second season will be aired on 28 May 2020. The fans are super excited and thrilled ever since this news has officially been declared by Netflix. Only few days left that the second season is going to be out. No doubt that the second one would be as amazing and satisfying as the first one. We will now have to wait for the second season to find out.

We also think that the cast has done complete justice to the series. The selection of this cast was perhaps the very right decision made by the creators. The cast is one of the most important things that matter in the successful of a series or movies specially when it comes to Netflix.

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