Important Technology Trends in Logistics


The use of technology in the logistics industry has been a major topic over the past few years. Furniture removalists and moving companies and their customers are benefiting from high-tech innovations that improve on service efficiency and service quality, both locally and globally.

These are the four smart-moving technologies that are available to both moving companies and clients who are relocating. These 4 trends are intended to simplify and make moving easier, more efficient, and less costly for everyone.

  1. Self-booking feature

Moving companies that are forward-thinking are looking for innovative ways to improve customer service and accessibility. A range of apps that are focused on moving make it easy for clients to book a quick-notice mover or to schedule their removals services in advance. The apps allow clients to cancel or modify their bookings.

App technology is a great way for moving companies to stand out over their competition. Clients have the ability to control their own lives and the company can make it easy to manage their move. Customers can manage their move simply through a mobile app for tablet or smartphone. This gives the customer more control and enhances their overall customer experience.

  1. Tracking household goods

As part of their move services package, clients can now get real-time updates and tracking via online and apps. Clients can track the journey of their household goods as well as any commercial property from beginning to end, giving them a sense of comfort and control. This also reduces enquiries about moving businesses.

Tracking items offers a piece of mind which is a significant advantage. You can create realistic schedules and timelines. This is a great benefit for both the professional house movers that handles multiple requests and the client who plans is able to line up their arrival as well. This greatly enhances customer experience by ensuring they are always in updated with the whereabouts of their personal belongings. It also allows moving companies to anticipate delays and increase efficiency when booking moves.

  1. Cost Estimation Tools

Many technology equipped moving companies use artificial intelligence to generate cost estimates and quotes. Allowing more efficiency in providing quotes. Moving calculators can easily estimate the load size with the inventory inputted by the customers and movers with what they want to move. This includes international and domestic household goods, as well as drop-off and pick-up locations. These details can be entered using mobile apps, which allow customers to get a price seamlessly.

This type of service is attractive to many clients because it provides a quick, accurate and easy way for them to generate a quote. This is a way to enhance the client experience and give the client more control. Apps that allow clients to submit moving details to obtain a quote from movers provide a simple price comparison tool allowing customer to find options that fit within their budget. This also reduces the work of the removals company through effective use of automation.

  1. Customer Support around the clock

Chatbots and AI are hot topics in the world of large movers. Businesses are now offering 24/7 customer service, which is especially useful for overseas movers. Some moving companies have implemented chatbot software that can read voice and text messages from users to provide accurate responses to common questions. It also displays real-time tracking of moves. Chatbots are available 24/7 online, at any location and 365 days a year.

Efficiency is key to customer support, eliminating long wait times and these AI systems are capable of handling multiple conversations with clients simultaneously. Both moving companies and clients appreciate the around the clock support. Companies who employ this trend can save time answering common questions usually done by a human interaction. Clients also appreciate the quick response. Chatbots can be customized to provide a human-like experience to customers. This allows human customer service agents to spend more time on more complicated inquiries.


Being a long-standing recruiter in the moving industry, I am constantly in touch with professionals from all levels of the sector and clients. These technology trends are not only for large multinational movers. Many smaller local removalists are using AI in their workplaces to improve efficiency and decrease costs.

All of these core trends revolve around empowering moving clients from the initial cost inquiry to booking, tracking the actual move and to providing feedback of their experience. This is something that professionals in the moving industry will be conscious of and will seek to capitalize on the opportunities presented by automation. These are usually time-savings that allow a removal business to scale and expand.

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