How to pick a winning NFT collection in 2022 when you don’t know about NFT’s

NFT collection

Ok, so you want to pick a winning NFT collection in 2022 and get a good 10x, 25x or even a 100x return from it?  Limited budget or limited understanding of NFT’s in general?  Not a problem my guy.

Firstly, when picking an NFT, Spacesubs, Koinheim, PVP-NFT-ROGUELITE, “Jonny Newman” , one should look how long the project stands to be around.  Is it a collection of art? Is it based off of a celebrity?  Does it have any utility?  Is it attached to anything else that adds value?  Then you need to find one that has all of these things, but for some reason is undervalued.  Sometimes it could be a newer artist, it could be a project that changed its name, it could be that another NFT collection shadowed it’s release and that is the time to buy.  Once you find your NFT make sure it has these components, Look – how does it look, People – attached to or developing the project, Utility – beyond the artistic value what uses does the NFT have and does it seem likely to be sought after, Dynamic Values – anything else that brings or adds value to the collection, sometimes it is an imminent release of a piece of media, sometimes NFT’s come with physical items, sometimes it is all of those things.

A great resource for people not used to these types of media, would be the internet.  Do you own research.  There are lots of collections out there that look amazing, however if they don’t fit the criteria above it will make it all the more risky. 

I get asked constantly what I think will be the next big thing.  I have had one answer recently that I thought I should share with my online community.  It is a project being promoted by Koinheim, a place for traders or and their traveling Virtual Gallery,” Art at the dockyard”, this project is called “ SPACESUBS ”. 

SPACESUBS, a PVP-NFT-ROGUELITE aka something to pay attention to.  Right now the developers are a small team of pilots, engineers and developers.  They have produced an NFT collection that represents in-game real estate, vehicles and items that is poised to exceed its release value by over 2000x in my opinion.  Based off of all of the indicators, I believe that this VR experience will be part of a 7-10 year life cycle and that getting these NFT’s now, will be a good investment for anyone looking to do some flipping in the next 12-24 months when the main game is released.  There is my tip, lets all check back in a year and see who rode this wave with me!! What is truly amazing about NFT’s is that this forecast is conservative, some NFT collections have gone up by over 80,000%.

I know a good development team when I see one, Spacesubs has a team of dedicated developers that spend 8-10 hours a day working on their passion project, this is a project to get in on – NOW, before everyone else starts talking about it and you miss out.  Don’t miss out again, this is your Apple, your MicroSoft, this is your Tesla or SpaceX.  This is Spacesubs and I cannot wait to see you there!

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