How to onboard customers for SaaS solution?


Naturally, most people will tend to avoid complexity. Likewise, with the owners of the company. They will naturally avoid the hassle that would normally take their focus, hurting them in the long run. In terms of office management, specific business applications are indispensable and instead of installing and operating those applications, it makes sense to only subscribe for a certain period of time. If you have a large number of clients, it makes a lot of sense for you to recommend that they take a simple yet effective solution, one of which is the use of SaaS mode.

All you have to do is make sure they understand what benefits they can get if they switch to that mode. Then, make sure they can take SaaS onboarding. But wait! If you don’t know much, here is a detailed explanation of the benefits of SaaS mode applications. The use of SaaS mode allows the company that wishes to use an application to no longer buy it and install it on its servers but to subscribe to a service provider who will make available the number of access according to the real needs of the company.

How does SaaS mode work?

SaaS mode allows the company to use applications purchased and hosted by a service provider external to the company. It therefore does not need to directly acquire these applications or invest in servers to host them. In addition, the maintenance of the hardware and the regular updates of the applications will be managed externally by the service provider, which avoids the interruption of the workstations. The simple connection of users to their workstation will be enough to give them access to all the applications made available online.


SaaS mode includes a number of advantages:

– no software installation required on servers or computers,

– the storage and backup of the data is most often done by the service provider,

– facilitate IT system administration, software updates and patch management that are outsourced,

– all employees using the same version, SaaS mode facilitates IT compatibility within the company,

– compatibility facilitates collaboration in the company

– global accessibility: the application can be used at home or with customers, all you need is an internet connection.

Financially, the SaaS mode avoids spending too much time on computer installation and troubleshooting while avoiding investments in computer equipment. In addition, SaaS mode constitutes an immediately deductible expense from the company’s results, whereas an investment is reflected in the result through depreciation spread over several years.

Cloud computing and SaaS mode are two computer operating modes that work thanks to the Internet network but which are in fact very different: SaaS solution, as we have seen, consists of subscribing to use applications via the Internet.

Cloud computing is a pooling of IT infrastructure and resources. It works by pooling the resources of several types of specialized players and offers companies a complete IT infrastructure, providing them with applications, storage capacities, backup and unlimited bandwidth.

As you will have understood, the SaaS solution is in fact a cloud computing tool. By presenting the above facts to your customers, you will be able to direct them to turn to this great solution.

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