How do Blue Team vs Red Team exercises affect cybersecurity? We answer!

Blue Team vs Red Team

How do Blue Team vs Red Team exercises affect cybersecurity? We answer!

Finding the right security measures against cybercriminals becomes more and more difficult every day. Therefore, every company needs to regularly check its network security to find weak spots vulnerable to attack. For this purpose, Cyber Range Platforms and the exercises offered by them, such as Blue Team vs Red Team, work very well. What are they, and how do they affect cybersecurity? Find out by reading on!

What is a Cyber Range Platform?

The development of the IT industry is associated not only with newer equipment with greater capabilities, but also with more and more dangerous attacks by cybercriminals. Therefore, in order to protect the data of companies and organizations, it is necessary to work on innovative methods of protection. This is how Cyber Range Platforms were created. These are virtual environments prepared for professional exercises against hacker attacks. This is where the refined simulations take place to prepare for repelling cybercriminals. On Cyber Range Platforms, various exercises take place, among which the Blue Team vs Red Team exercise can be distinguished.

Blue Team vs Red Team training course

The course of the Cyber Range Platform focuses on four aspects: modeling, simulation, monitoring and training. As part of the latter, Blue Team vs Red Team exercises are conducted, which were inspired by military exercises. What are they about? As the name suggests, this training takes place on a team basis. Red Team is the assault team that attacks data and tries to break the organization’s security. Blue Team, usually made up of analysts, tries to defend its resources as efficiently as possible using old and new methods.

Importance of Blue Team vs Red Team exercises for organizations

Thanks to the Blue Team vs Red Team training, the company can obtain a lot of information. Foremost, it is one of the easiest ways to safely find the weakest network security points. In addition, the exercises also enable the training of employees in cybersecurity and allow them to test their current skills. The Cyber Range Platform also works well during recruitment – it is a perfect test of skills for potential employees of the company.


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