10 Funny ways to answer the phone

Funny ways to answer the phone

Today we discuss about Funny ways to answer the phone. Our site welcomes you to another very exciting and rather hilarious topic. Something that you all should try because doing such things in life keep you happy and light hearted. If you like to prank people or make them laugh, this is just the right article for you. You can read this article and find out all the funny ways of answering the phone.

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Funny ways to answer the phone:

Funny ways to answer the phone

So, if you’re a really funny person and you want to be extra funny while answering the phone, this is something that you should definitely read.

You can change your voice into something really funny when someone calls you. This could probably be the best way to answer the phone in a funny way. You can use any voice. Or you can use an app to make your voice sound either too funny or too scary. This could be the perfect prank on the other person.

Put on some background music as soon as you answer your phone. The music could be scary or funny. Some weird and funny noises at the back would be a really good trick to prank the other person and sound extremely funny while answering the phone.

You can always come up with funny sentences while answering the phone you know. Funny sentences that will make the other person laugh. You can watch movies and memorize some dialogues that you can use later to answer the phone in a funny way.

Funny ways to answer the phone

All of this sounds very exciting and funny already. Imagine your friend is calling you and you pull a prank by sounding extremely funny. How hilarious would that be? There are so many ways of doing so. It all depends on you and how you get this job done. Come up with a good and convincing accent so that the other person buys it.

The whole point of being funny is that you convince the other person with your prank. To he honest, being funny while answering phone and to prank the other person are two different things. However, you can always emerge them into one. Pranking someone on the phone could be more fun. But if you manage to sound extremely funny on the phone, that could be highly entertaining as well.

Nowadays there are apps that have short audio clips from movies and series that you can use to answer the phone. It will seem like you are answering but instead its going to be the audio person who will be doing so, will be answering in the funniest and hilarious way possible.

Funny ways to answer the phone

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You know you can always make your very old grandma talk on the phone for you if you have one. Old people could be really funny at times you know! So why don’t you try it out. Play a song when you answer the phone, that’s one funny way as well. The song could perhaps be a funny one so that completes the purpose.

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