FIFA 23 records 10.3 million players in one week


It’s encouraging for EA Sports FC that the final FIFA game from EA is already the most well-liked installment in the series.

Everyone is aware that EA will no longer own the FIFA license, which will cause its FIFA video game series to change its name to EA Sports FC starting in 2019.

Given how well-received FIFA 23 has been for the firm, it will be interesting to watch how the series does under the new moniker.

FIFA 23 broke the previous record set by FIFA 22 by having the greatest launch in the history of the series, according to a statement from EA earlier today.

In comparison to FIFA 22, which attracted 9.1 million players in its first 10 days of availability, 10.3 million people downloaded FIFA 23 in its first week.

“The response from our fans has been nothing short of incredible, and we’re thrilled that our community is playing with their favourite players and teams across FIFA 23 in record numbers,’ said Nick Wlodyka, senior vice president and general manager for EA Sports.

“With both the Men’s and Women’s World Cups, and exciting updates to our women’s club football content in game still yet to come, we’re just getting started on providing players with the most authentic and immersive experience yet.”

These figures imply that FIFA 23 is succeeding in attracting more players than any other game by doing something correctly. Even if some people initially stopped playing it because they couldn’t play it on PC due to EA’s new anti-cheat software.

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Additionally, there is a comical but predictable discrepancy between these numbers and customer reviews. Despite how well-liked it is, its Metacritic user score for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC versions is a pitiful 2.2, 2.3, and an even worse 1.5.

This is a relatively small percentage of the entire player population because, of those three, the PlayStation 5 version has the most user evaluations (160 at the time of writing).

It’s too early to predict how the game will do compared to this year’s. Without a doubt, EA is hoping that fans would remain devoted enough to continue supporting the franchise without the FIFA moniker.

The FIFA organization itself intends to collaborate with another firm to publish a fresh batch of video games bearing the FIFA trademark. Any such partnerships have not yet been formally announced, though.

Recall that FIFA apparently planned to start charging EA over $1 billion for the licence, more than double what EA was paying initially, which is why EA is losing it.

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