5 Dogs Every Veterinarian Would Pick from Himself

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Owners of pugs and dachshunds might still be irritated by a recent TikTok post by an English veterinarian named Ben Simpson-Vernon. Simpson-Vernon, who operates the Ben the Vet TikTok account, highlighted on September 22 which five dog breeds a veterinarian would never choose due to their numerous health problems that shorten their lives.

Even more than ​​the NFL schedule, these posts had 8.8 million views after going viral. (We now reveal his five options; we apologise to bulldog proponents.)​ ​The veterinarian now flips the script and lists the five dog breeds that he would be open to adopting into his own household.

Now, he cautions, “I most certainly am not recommending everyone to run out and acquire these five dog breeds.” Additionally, I’m not claiming that these are the healthiest dog breeds available because every dog type is susceptible to a number of problems.​

​The five breeds he identified are listed below.


Although the long, slim greyhound “may not look particularly cuddly,” Simpson-Vernon acknowledges that they are generally quite kind dogs who require homes once their racing careers are over.

He did point out that people who are interested in greyhounds should take extra care of their oral health because this breed is known for having terrible teeth. He adds that they naturally love to run and hence require a family who can accommodate it.

Terrier the border

If he were to adopt a little dog, the vet claims that he would pick the unkempt little border terrier.

He claims, “In my experience, they’re quite friendly small dogs,” and adds that he thinks they develop closer bonds with their owners than other terriers do. He observes that while generally healthy, there can be some problems and that it’s important to understand the dog’s lineage.

Wire-haired vizsla from Hungary

The medium-sized Hungarian wire-haired vizsla reached the vet’s list even though not everyone is familiar with it. Although he acknowledges that there aren’t many of them, he adds that the ones he has encountered had had “beautiful temperaments.”​ ​He claims that these dogs require two daily, lengthy walks.

Retrievers from Labrador

The ever-popular labrador making Simpson-list Vernon’s won’t surprise many people. He claims, “I just think they’re excellent family dogs.” “They’re kind, loving, devoted, and hilarious.”

Labs are susceptible to some health concerns, in this case joint and eye disorders, like all the other canines on the list. He observes that many of them also put on weight.


Bark if you anticipated this: What Simpson-Vernon refers to as the “mongrel,” which he acknowledges is not really a breed but instead describes a mixed-breed dog that is not easily distinguished as one particular breed or another, is his top choice.

A mixed-breed dog’s adult size, temperament, and activity levels might not be as predictable as those of a purebred, the expert warns. But what you do get is genetic diversity and a dog that is less likely to contract diseases that have an inherited component due to its lack of inbreeding. As a vet, he claims it is really essential to him.

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