Bring Full Functionality to Your Medical Facility With a PACS RIS System


As all manner of medical offices look to improve their bottom line while providing outstanding care to their patients, they find that an efficient RIS system helps them to increase productivity by improving and streamlining their offices’ workflow. For even more savings the RIS PACS can be used in conjunction with a digital radiology medical imaging suite of tools that is designed for cost-effective digital imaging.

While digital imaging has swept the country making it possible to take photographs with tiny hand-held cameras and phones, radiology medical imaging that uses digital imaging has simultaneously changed the way that hospitals, medical facilities and imaging centers all handle their imaging needs. of using digital imaging over film imagers are numerous. For more details read more

They include the high-resolution picture quality available, the speed with which digital images can be produced and the lower cost for both procuring digital medical images and for handling and storing them. Many systems rely on a PACS appliance to keep medical digital images moving smoothly throughout the local and wide area medical networks, as well as on virtual private networks, and for enhanced, HIPPA-compliant archiving of digital images.

When a RIS component is added to these types of digital radiology medical imaging systems the functionality of the entire system is raised in a number of important ways. The RIS unit adds the ability of the system to read and store text data with the digital medical images Medical office processes such as recording patient intake information, scheduling tests and procedures, preparing reports, sending reports to all of the radiology on the patient’s team and more happen in an efficient digital environment with RIS software in place.

Because this transfers the information into a digital format, it also allows medical facilities to automate some of the repetitive work processes that often take a great deal of time to enter manually. Your patient registration can occur in an intuitive and orderly fashion, and patient information With this system, it is possible to simultaneously schedule multiple procedures through order-based scheduling quickly, saving valuable time every time you use the RIS unit. You can override the automated features and simply use the system in a free mode if you prefer as well.

The flexibility and speed built into an entire suite of digital imaging components, including RIS, are what help all sizes of medical facilities to improve their productivity.

Pacs ris systems such as this also make anytime access to medical digital images possible. This means that offsite consulting physicians, even those of different continents, can have access to the same patient records as you do, in a secure environment as outlined by HIPPA protocols All of this flexibility in use comes with no additional personnel costs, making the PACS RIS systems very efficient, and bringing a smoother and increased workflow to your medical facility, regardless of its size.

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