Boondocks Characters

Boondocks Characters

Boondocks characters, with decent habits and punchlines. At the point when Aaron McGruder needed to make an enlivened TV arrangement dependent on his disputable funny cartoon, he struggled to find an organization that was able to air it. He was turned somewhere around FOX, HBO, Showtime, and MTV. At long last, in 2005, Adult Swim gave him the green light, and The Boondocks got one of the organization’s most famous kid’s shows. 

The Boondocks finished its four-season run in 2014. The fourth season debut was the most-watched broadcast for Adult Swim returning five years. Navigate to see the cast of characters featured in The Boondocks.

Huey Freeman 

10-year-old Huey and his younger sibling Riley share at any rate one thing for all intents and purpose: they’re both furious youthful Black men stuck in suburbia. Be that as it may, rather than causing disorder, Huey’s most impressive weapons are his disliking look and gnawing critique. A future progressive, he’s a present-day doubter and scholarly fear monger.

On, Huey goes to J. Edgar Hoover Elementary School in lily-white Woodcrest. He’s not hesitant to bring up wild fraud, prejudice, or damaging conduct, which prompts a lot of abnormal minutes, especially when White individuals are included.

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Riley Freeman 

For Riley Freeman, “keeping it gangsta” incorporates an intermittent fit or temper tantrum.

To this corn-paddled 8-year-old, who changed his name to Riley Escobar in the subsequent evaluation, white-bread Woodcrest is the ideal spot for his number one hobby – adolescent wrongdoing.

A glad result of contemporary rap culture, he admires 50 Cent and once wore a brief tattoo that said “Hooligan Blood.” Unfortunately, some of it fell off in the tub, and all he was left with was “Embrace Boo.”


At the point when Robert Jebediah Freeman turned into the lawful watchman of his unruly grandchildren, he moved the family from Chicago’s South Side to the calm and wellbeing of “The Boondocks,” a.k.a. rural Woodcrest, with the expectation that he can disregard the children by and large and appreciate the final quarter of his life in harmony. Things aren’t exactly working out that way.

What’s more, albeit the young men torment one another and incite the area, they are still no counterpart for Granddad, who is flighty even by “insane ass-old-Black-man” guidelines.

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Uncle Ruckus 

Uncle Ruckus abhors Black individuals. Which is somewhat off-kilter, since he has all the earmarks of being a Black man himself. In any case, more than that, he has profound regard, reverence, and love for White individuals. As far as he might be concerned, there’s just a single King, and that is Elvis, not Dr. Martin Luther King.

Furthermore, the lone explanation that Black individuals have topped the White man with regards to cooking pork is that, in his words, “His enormous mind is simply centered around more significant things, such as running the world and space ships.”

With a perspective like this present, it’s interested that Ruckus and Granddad can bear being around one another.


Appearance: Wuncler addresses the rich, white man, involving a place of local influence. We see him in a suit throughout the show, causing Huey to accept that he is with the public authority in the main scene.

Idiosyncrasies: Ed Wuncler feels satisfaction “making funky jokes to the detriment of others”. He is not interested in the business or activities of others, except if he is applicable to him. For example, in scene 10, Wuncler considered a lady a “bitch” since she was talking to him about something she did not like, which turned out to be the privilege of an outside specialist.

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Tom DuBois

Tom is Huey and Riley’s nearby neighbor. As a fruitful African-American lawyer, he presumably could qualify as a good example to these young men. Yet, all things being equal, he’s considered more to be an instrument of the foundation, attempting to hold the Black man down. Furthermore, to finish everything off, he’s hitched to a White lady.

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Tom DuBois is voiced by Cedric Yarbrough (The Goldbergs).

Jazmine DuBois

At the youthful age of 10, Jazmine Dubois has a lot of tension. In addition to the fact that she spent two years secured her room after the 9/11 psychological militant assaults, she was similarly damaged in the wake of discovering there was nothing of the sort as the Tooth Fairy.

Jazmine should manage to be the offspring of an interracial relationship, and withstand the prodding of Huey and Riley, her nearby neighbors. Regardless of this, she figures out how to stay idealistic and somewhat guileless.

Jazmine DuBois is voiced by Gabby Soleil (Half and Half).

Sara DuBois

Sara is Tom’s better half and Jazmine’s mom. Sara DuBois is voiced by Jill Talley (Adventure Time).

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