Dumisani Dlamini

Dumisani Dlamini

Dumisani Dlamini has reacted to her little girl’s case that she has never met him, guaranteeing that she had been trying to connect with her for quite some time.

American artist Doja Cat got people talking this week when she spoke about never meeting her father, SA animator Dumisani Dlamini, on a brief visit to Whoopi Goldberg.

A portion of the discussion of her surfaced online this week and was widely shared via web-based media. In it, Doja revealed to Whoopi that her father played close to the veteran artist in Sarafina! Whoopi was shocked by the information and gestured in trouble when Doja said that she had never met Dumisani.

In reaction to the shutdown, Dumisani revealed to Metro FM’s Mo Flava that she too had been trying to discover her little girl.

“I have also been looking for my little girl. You must not stop remembering these Americans. Americans will always need to have something to create a scandal, in order for it to remain in the media and be discussed around the planet.”

She said that the Doja administration had shut down all of her efforts to contact her and recommended that it could very well be on the grounds that they feared losing her.

“I have tried looking for my baby and the organization that manages her has been hindering me. They realize that in the event that I could grab her, she might disappear from the picture … I know my little girl, anywhere I he is, he is looking for me “.

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She later appeared to give her comments a U-turn and said that her little girl had addressed him before they became known, and proposed that her cases to Whoopi might have been “a made up thing” .

Doja Cat’s father is Dumisani Dlamini, an animator, writer, and filmmaker most popular for the 1992 South African film Sarafina !, starring Whoopi Goldberg. Doja has never met her father.

“She got a hold of me. We talked. We partnered. Currently, from now on, when she is there and at the top, she needs to get everyone’s attention, particularly in SA as she is South African and her dad is here. It is an invented thing. “

Dumisani revealed to TshisaLIVE three years earlier than after Sarafina! After the visit, he decided to stay in the United States and began to gaze with star-filled eyes at a Jewish-American lady. They started a family and had two children, one of whom became a Doja Cat.

As a result of staying in the United States for more than 15 years, she felt like going home and returned to South Africa with an arrangement for her family to end.

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While not everything went as expected, Dumisani claimed that he had a welcoming relationship with all of his children.

“I am close to my children, each one of them. I love them and they love me.”

Dumisani Dlamini is a South African artist and also known as the father of the acclaimed artist Doja Cat. On the opposite side, Doja Cat spoke about his father and claimed that he never knew him. Dumaisani Dlamini has reacted to her little girl’s case that he has never met him, stating that he had been trying to connect with her for quite some time. Also, some notable works by SA animator Dumisani Dlamini, Isindiso and Yizo.

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