Best Apps for traveling in Mexico


When traveling in a new country, technology plays an essential role in helping us organize everything, thus giving us some peace of mind. Nowadays, it can help us to get everything we need to have a safe trip. In this article, we recommend you some apps to have on your cell phone during your trip to a beautiful country like Mexico:

1. Airbnb

This app allows you to get lodging services that are not necessarily hotels or hostels. It will help you find accommodation for short or long periods in spaces offered by other users. It is a favorite among Millennials.

The good thing about this app is that you can send the hosts a message asking for directions, help, and valuable tips.

Apart from accommodations, it also offers tours around the city, local cuisine delicacies, and even the option to learn how to prepare them in gastronomic courses.

2. Gasolina MX

When traveling by road, it is essential to know the places where you can refuel. With the Gasolina MX app, you have at your disposal the location of these sites near your location, ordered by price from lowest to highest.

In the app, there is complete information on maximum gasoline prices, as well as the prices reported by permit holders to the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) at each gas station.

3. Kayak

Kayak is an online travel agency that searches for travel packages, accommodations, and rental cars on hundreds of websites. The Kayak app has functions specially designed to put your vacation plans in order.

It will definitely help you to get everything you need on your trip.

4. Spotify

If you are traveling alone, it is always important to have an app where you can listen to music or a good podcast. That’s why you can take advantage of an app like Spotify to have your favorite music with you always. The best of all is that before leaving home, you can select the songs you like the most, create your own playlist and then stream it offline anywhere.

5. Transit

With Transit, you can see multiple transportation options near you and their departure times. It is very practical and it includes all sorts of options: buses, bicycles, subways, trains, ferries, and streetcars, and it is available in several cities in Mexico.

6. Uber

For those who want to avoid using public transportation or renting a car during their trip, Uber is the best app to move from one destination to another. This mobility application makes it easy to go on trips to unique places in many tourist destinations you visit in Mexico, especially thanks to its wide coverage.

After learning about this useful apps, keep in mind that you must have all your documents in order before traveling to Mexico. For example, you must present a Mexican Tourist Card to enter the country.

This document does not replace a visa. If you need a visa, you must apply for the Mexican visa separately and present both documents at the border. All this information can be requested through the help of the experts at iVisa. They have the necessary tools to advise you on what you need.

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