Advertising sandwich boards – features and applications

sandwich boards

In order to promote goods and services, outdoor advertising is often used, such as sandwich boards. These designs can be made from different software its characteristics of materials: plastic panels, corrugated plastic, embedded in a metal frame, aluminum composite material. Such advertising structures are almost always produced in the shape of the letter A.

Advertising products are simple, mobile and functional to use. They can carry from place to place, as they have a lightweight design. Even one person can independently carry out the transportation and installation of such signs. They do not require complex fastening work. No need to buy additional materials for installation. No need to involve a team specialists engaged in fastening work. When using metal structures with removable inserts, it turns out to save on new advertising, because you can only replace inserts without ordering a new frame.

Sandwich boards (Vancouver) are made of durable materials, so they have long service life. They are resistant to natural influences of various character. In particular, they are not afraid of temperature changes. But in the background of multiple benefits there are some downsides. In strong winds, it is recommended to remove the structure inside the room. Often, direct sunlight leads to panel burnout, and advertising loses its brightness and attractiveness. But this disadvantage can be eliminated initially. We need to order quality signs. Moreover, dust and smudges after rain reduce the attractiveness of advertising structures. But this problem can be minimized. It is necessary to clean and wash the surface of the panel to restore its original attractive appearance.

Purpose of application

A-frame designs can be used not only for advertising purposes, but also perform information function. They place announcements of various activities. They can also be used as posters. Their other use is as pointers to help people navigate the terrain and beyond. As a sign, they are often installed in rooms to direct towards location of a particular business. Often, such designs even perform warning function.

Advertising sign made of metal structure with removable panel or made of aluminum composite material is mainly used owners of roadside and street cafes. Outdoor sandwich boards are convenient and functional to use, as the menu is often updated, prices change. When the establishment is closed, the A-frame structure can be easily removed from the street. When selling goods or indicating discounts in stores located in shopping centers, simpler and lighter plastic structures are used.

sandwich boards vancouver advertising signs are mainly used by small businesses. Such outdoor advertising is popular among the owners of hairdressing salons, flower shops, various salons, workshops, and so on. These are inexpensive designs that effectively serve the main goal of any business – to get more profit by increasing the number of its customers.

Prices for such structures are quite different. This is quite natural, because signs made of different materials stand in different ways. However, taking into account the features of such products, it is quite possible to state that there is a benefit. Signboards will be used for a long time, effectively performing the function assigned to them. If desired, its location can be changed, spending a minimum of time and effort.

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