9 Creative Ideas to Earn Money

Earn Money

Surely we have all found ourselves in the situation of wanting to earn some extra money but that does not require too much work and we do not know-how.

In this article, we show you 9 creative ideas to do it, some more common (that you may have also thought of) and others that started out crazy and ended up being successful.

1.  Sell Things You Don’t Use

Surely in your closet, you keep clothes that you no longer wear, you have a storage room full of things and you don’t know how to get rid of them… well, sell them! On eBay, Amazon, Wallapop, or Cash&Converters you can sell everything you don’t use and buy second-hand things. Here is an eBay SEO Guide to help you start selling.

2.  Do Online Surveys

On pages like SurveyBee, Compare Surveys, or Survey Bounty, you can earn money (from 5 euros) by giving your opinion on a product or service, depending on the complexity of the survey and the time invested, the prize is different, in some cases in Instead of being money, they are gift cards trezor promo code, or vouchers for stores like Ikea. You only have to register and you will receive by mail alerts of surveys to be able to do.

3.  Find a Sugar Daddy/Sugar Momma

Sugar baby is a popular term referring to a person who dates someone that is financially well off.

The potential income of a sugar baby might range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars each month. The standard monthly allowance is about $3,500 in various nations. Sugar babies receive an average monthly salary of $2,000 in the US. But mostly it depends on what kind of sugar daddy they are, your dating profile, and your dating style. Some wealthy sugar daddies might only provide $1,000, while others might provide $10,000 or more. Also read how to find sugar daddy.

4.  Virtual Gamer

If you are passionate about video games this is a fun way to earn money. Within this world, there are all kinds of “little jobs”. From testing games and getting paid for them, to offering technical and help services within the game itself, moderating disputes or banning users who break the rules, for example. In companies like Blizzard, they offer fairly well-paid positions where you can send your resume and practically the only thing they require is a good level of English.

5.  Cooking for Guests

Another clever idea that is becoming popular here is cooking for others. If you are good at cooking typical foods from your country and you like it, you can sign up for pages like Eatwith or Cookening where all you have to do is register and post an offer for a menu that you are going to cook on a certain day with the dishes and the price, you can also put restrictions such as non-smokers or adults without children.

Interested people will sign up and come to your house to try those delicious dishes. Normally the guests are usually tourists who want to try the typical dishes from here and learn about the culture, so it is also a good way to practice a language and meet new people. The price of each menu ranges from 15 to 45 euros, depending on the country and level of preparation of the dishes.

6.  Put Advertising on Your Face

Sounds crazy right? Well, students Ed Moyes and Ross Harper managed to finish their university studies thanks to this ingenious idea. On Buymyface.com they publish photos and videos where they appear with painted faces of brands or advertisements. Advertisers pay them to do fun stuff with their brand’s face painted and then post it on their website along with the advertiser’s name.

7.  Be a Tour Guide in Your City

Do you know your city better than your own home? Do you know their culture? If so, you can work as a freelance tour guide and earn a little money as well as meet new people. SANDEMANs New Europe offers this idea. The only requirements are to have a good level of English as well as Spanish, reside in the city where you want to be a guide and have a work permit in Europe.

8.  Offer Your Ideas

Do you consider yourself a creative person? On Fiverr you can buy and sell products or services for a price of 5 US dollars. You can offer to do things that you are good at and earn a little money such as translations, logo design, web page design, portraits, etc.

9.  Sell ​​Photos to Agencies

If you like photography (whether you are an amateur or just a hobby ) you can sell your photos to image banks like Shutterstock.com and every time your photo is downloaded by a subscriber, you will receive 25 cents.

As you can see, the possibilities of earning money in a simple way are varied and simple. Now you just have to get on with it. If this content has seemed interesting to you, register in the Employment Office and receive our newsletter and employment alerts.

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