5 Reasons to Try Live Californian Casinos

Californian Casinos

Now that almost everyone owns a smartphone, certain genres of online games have become extremely popular. At the top of the list are online casino games, which are causing quite the buzz throughout California and the rest of the US.

There are a few different types of online casinos, with ‘live’ Californian casinos proving to be very popular.

What Is a Live Californian Casino?

A live Californian casino is just like a normal online casino, except there’s a fun twist: you get to interact with live human dealers via a video streaming link. To get started with this, you can try some of the legal online gambling California based platforms. Still, before you do, it’s wise to know the basic functioning of these casino types and the specific games they offer.

Generally, the concept is fairly simple. Let’s say you enter a live Californian casino using your iPhone. Out of all the games on offer, you might opt to go with ‘live roulette.’ After doing this, you’ll be transported to a separate page where a real-life human dealer will appear using a video camera link.

The dealer will greet you as they would in a land-based casino before asking you which bet you would like to place (in the case of live roulette, it would be either red or black or an even or odd number). You can tell the dealer your desired bet by using your device’s microphone. Then, the dealer will spin the wheel, and you’ll both wait to see what it lands on. Exciting, right?

If you need some extra convincing, here are five reasons to try a live casino:

1.    A More Immersive Experience

Because you’re communicating with a real-life human dealer, it creates a much more immersive experience that you don’t get in a standard online casino. In fact, many players report that it feels almost identical to the land-based casino experience, where you get to interact with all the different dealers from table to table.

2.    Bonuses and Special Offers

Live casinos are known for offering bonuses and special offers to account holders. The reason for this is simple: it keeps people playing.

For instance, you might join a live online casino and immediately be offered a bonus like ’20 free spins on the slots.’ When you get offered a bonus like this, make sure to accept it, as they’re a good way to practice without having to wager your own money.

3.    Build Confidence to Play in Land-Based Casinos

For some people, the thought of going inside a land-based casino can be quite nerve-racking. The fancy outfits, the variety of game tables, and the busy bars can be a lot to take in, especially if you have no prior gambling experience.

Luckily, one of the best ways to build your confidence is by playing live casino games first. After a couple of weeks (or months), you’ll likely feel a lot more comfortable about the prospect of going to a real casino, such as one in Las Vegas.

4.    Improve Your Social Skills

Due to the nature of live casinos, people get to improve their social skills. You have to frequently interact with dealers and chat with them between gambling rounds, which can be quite fun and relaxing. The more dealers you interact with, the more comfortable you’ll become!

5.    Try a Range of Different Games

To wrap things up, live Californian casinos almost always offer a range of different games, from live poker to live roulette. This is great, as it means you never get bored. At any moment, you can switch to a different game or try a completely new one that you’ve never played before.

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