4 Different Types of Archiving Software That Could Help Your Business

Archiving Software

Web archiving refers to the art of collecting websites and their information from the world web and storing them in a single archive. The data is accessible to scholars, universities, governments, businesses, and organizations. The archived information is then available for people, just like the traditional archiving of documents and papers.

Web crawlers travel across the websites, selecting, collecting, and storing information. Due to the complexity of the web archiving process and the number of websites, the digital teams and web activists must use digital automated tools in web collection. Take a look at some archiving software that can be helpful to your business.

The Website Archiving

Website archiving offers solutions to protect your business from property theft and false claims and accusations. It uses crawling technology just like that of Google to screenshot your websites. The archiving process is automatic to save you time without requiring any additional software installation. Active supervision ensures that new web pages and any alterations in the existing pages are captured.

Defensive legal evidence to prove your business compliance and a live web browser that allows you to tell what your web content is like all the time. The web archiving software can capture web pages generated from the client’s side. Other solutions under this category include advanced web archiving search to allow you easy access to data.

Social Media Supervision and Archiving

Social media monitoring and archiving come with solutions such as keyboard monitoring and policy warnings, real-time social media archiving, defensive records and litigation, and advanced social media search.

With page freezer social media archive, you can capture data on everything that happens on your business social media pages in real-time. Even if someone adds or erases information, you can be assured of retrieving a complete record. All you do is log into the web archiving software dashboard and review your social media activity, including the deleted ones. You can see all the deleted comments and edited posts versions even if they are no longer on your wall.

Mobile Text Message Archiving Software

Some people may wonder why you need to archive text messages. Mobile text messages are becoming one of the main modes of communication in the current world, allowing users to enjoy free and open conversations and response rates. However, keeping records of these conversations becomes a challenge due to the impermanent nature of texts.

Excellent archiving is a requirement by law, especially in highly-regulated sectors like the finance sector. Did you ever ask yourself what would happen if a client deletes the text message from their phone; does any evidence of it remain in the internal memory? The text messages archiving software has two solutions; the carrier archiver that automatically archives messages from the mobile network and the BYOD archiver that separates private messages from the business on the same device.

Enterprise Collaboration Archiving Software

Enterprise collaboration archiving software will improve communication and boost workers’ productivity in your business. Employees can easily communicate and share documents with an enterprise collaboration system across departments. Tasks that would typically take a long time can be completed within minutes. The software is accessible 24/7 hence offering constant updates in real-time.

A Final Thought

Keeping pace with the advancing technology can help your business to remain at the top rank. To make work more efficient and protect your business from future uncertainties such as false accusations, it would help to adopt website archiving software.

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