2022 Broadband Internet Customer Satisfaction Survey

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As the world increasingly moves online, reliable and fast broadband internet has become a necessity for many households. The rising demand for reliable internet not only in the country but across the world has encouraged more and more companies to establish their own internet services. With the numerous internet providers available, it can be challenging to look for the most reliable when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Whether you’re working from home or simply wanting to access your streaming service with ease, customer satisfaction is important when it comes to the internet. In this article, we’ll talk about the results of the recent broadband internet customer satisfaction survey from CableTV, indicating the customers’ satisfaction with their internet provider.

Overall Internet Customer Satisfaction

Customer service usually boils down to how companies treat their customers. In this survey, there are 14 participating internet providers, including AT&T, Spectrum, and Verizon. Here’s a quick overview of the total customer satisfaction results.


Internet Provider Very Satisfied/Extremely Satisfied
Verizon 69%
AT&T 64%
Xfinity 62%
Spectrum 58%
Cox 55%
Sparklight 55%
CenturyLink 52%
Windstream 51%
Frontier 45%
Mediacom 43%
RCN 43%
Optimum 42%
Suddenlink 39%
Earthlink 30%

Internet Speed Customer Satisfaction

Internet speeds play a massive role in customer satisfaction, especially if they use their internet for work or education. This subject changed the top standings for overall customer satisfaction. Verizon and Xfinity both received 69% of the market, with Spectrum edging out AT&T for third place.

Even though AT&T’s fiber internet services are excellent, the vast majority of the company’s internet infrastructure is still dependent on DSL technology.

The highest download speed that DSL can deliver to your residence is determined by the local ISP, and is frequently less than 100 Mbps. CenturyLink and Frontier both have DSL networks. Unlike DSL plans, cable and fiber internet service providers don’t have a maximum download speed limit, and most of our reviewed providers offer plans with download rates of up to 940Mbps.

However, if your area has a high volume of network traffic, you may experience downtimes from your internet service provider. In order to keep your download speeds at a consistent level, top ISPs like Xfinity, Verizon, and Spectrum control their network traffic, giving you more stable and reliable internet speeds.

Internet Provider Very Satisfied/Extremely Satisfied
Xfinity 69%
Verizon 69%
Spectrum 65%
AT&T 64%
Cox 61%
Sparklight 58%
Windstream 53%
Mediacom 50%
CenturyLink 50%
Suddenlink 49%
Optimum 47%
Frontier 46%
RCN 43%
Earthlink 32%

How easy is it to communicate with your ISP?

Generally speaking, we found a divide between national ISPs and regional ISPs in this year’s customer satisfaction polling results. If you are subscribed to big internet service providers, you can resort to options like 24/7 chat, retail outlets, and technicians for assistance whenever you encounter a problem. However, the call center hours of a smaller ISP are limited, and their website may only offer a minimal assistance area.

Are you satisfied with your internet provider’s rentable equipment?

Renting a modem or a combination of modem and wireless routers from an internet service provider is common. However, if you prefer to have your ISP handle any hardware difficulties, a rental can be a practical alternative.

Rental wireless gateways that offer more than just a modem or router are ideal. There are two types of WiFi gateways available: one from Cox and one from Xfinity. Cox’s Panoramic Wifi Gateway is an attractive white box that can be placed on the bookshelf or counter without drawing attention to itself. A complimentary router and Wi-Fi extender from Verizon are also a nice perk for upgrading to the company’s Gigabit Connection plan.

How likely are you to continue to subscribe to your current internet provider?

There are good and bad Internet service providers, and the latter tend to lose consumers frequently. Good customer loyalty (and/or how much customers despise the competition) may be observed in Verizon’s strong results in this poll, including Spectrum and Optimum.


The 2022 Broadband Internet Customer Satisfaction Survey showed that satisfaction levels are high among broadband users. However, there is still room for improvement that ISPs must keep in mind. Overall, the survey provides valuable insights into the broadband industry and how it can better serve its customers.

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