YaYa Mayweather

YaYa Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather has always had a penchant for overspending. The incredible 44-year-old fighter is perhaps the most flamboyant competitor on the planet. Furthermore, he has frequently spent a lot of dollars just to give his friends and family lavish donations, explicitly his little girl, Iyanna. Iyanna is also called Yaya Mayweather.

Yaya Mayweather is the daughter of an expert fighter, Floyd Mayweather. In any case, not even he can help get her out of the program with which she is associated. The 19-year-old is currently facing the possibility of being in jail for life after injuring the mother of NBA rapper Youngboy’s son, Lapattra Jacobs.

Yaya was caught for a deranged attack with a lethal weapon recently in the wake of charging at Lapattra with swords. The two were allegedly fighting over the rap star after Yaya saw Lapattra at his house. The two got into a heated dispute and things got physical. Granny snatched the swords from Youngboy’s house and charged at Lapattra. He started cutting her over and over again. Lapattra’s cut injuries were so severe that she was lying on the ground when the EMT appeared and she must be rushed to the medical clinic. Granny guaranteed it was a show of self-protection after Lapattra tugged at her hair.

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Currently, the province of Texas has requested that Lapattra’s clinical records be recalled for the upcoming legal dispute against Yaya. This will incorporate photos of the injuries, X-rays, lab reports, and different things that can be used as evidence against Yaya. After all, the point of view doesn’t seem overly helpful to Yaya. This could extend his jail sentence that she might be seeing, which at the time was 99 years.

The couple started dating in 2019, however, they have been through a lot of good times and bad. The rapper has at least four children known to the media. He clearly has a baby mom program with the children’s moms. Towards the end of 2019, the relationship was on the rocks after Yaya cut the tires on Youngboy’s vehicle. It is unclear what made her do this. He even criticized her with her tune “Grimy Iyanna”. But the couple had the option to apologize for their previous oversights in mid-2020. Yaya posted an Instagram video where he chimed in on the verses of the melody.

A life prison sentence could change your relationship forever

It’s unclear how Youngboy and Yaya’s relationship will weather this storm of cruelty and the possibility of her being cast out for the rest of her life. The rapper has not spoken directly about the event. He has lately posted a tweet that has fans guessing that he is referring to the capture.

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Youngboy said, “After Friday I will never deliver a tune/collection again until I am in a higher #PROMISE circumstance. This gruesome circumstance in which the rapper finds himself could be alluding to the dramatization between his mother’s daughter and his better half. There is no doubt that it is difficult for someone to handle their loved one possibly facing jail forever. “We are here for you,” read a comment on the post. People were not enthusiastic about Yaya’s behavior and also took to Twitter to express how she “demolished her life for that child.”

Additionally, Mayweather also got popular music sensation Justin Bieber to perform at his little girl’s fourteenth birthday celebration. After two years, at a similar event, the incredible wrestler welcomed famous rappers Drake and Future to her little girl’s 16th birthday celebration party.

By the time Yaya turned 18, Floyd Mayweather gifted her a 30-karat Canary Pristine ring that has an expected value of generally $ 500,000. As Sport Bible pointed out, he also got her another Mercedes-Benz G63 model as a Christmas present in 2019.

When is Floyd Mayweather expected to fight Logan Paul?

Floyd Mayweather was required to face Logan Paul in a show match on February 20, 2021. In any event, the session has now been postponed without an authorized date. As Paul pointed out, the confrontation is still on the table, he said in one of the YouTube recordings of him.

Mayweather had recently discovered that he intends to compete in a large number of show matches on a consistent basis. She also pointed out an expected confrontation against Logan’s brother, Jake Paul, and also against his longtime adversary, rapper 50 Cent.

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